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SpartaCats Pre-Purr for Glory!

Greetings, young SpartaCat Apprentices! 👋

You are here, today, to rise up above the ranks of the mediocre moggy memecoins which have sat idly by and represented our kind with all the ambition of a newly neutered mutt!

I am King Meowidus, and if you choose to follow me, I promise you ascension to the highest known scratching posts of Olympus! 😼

Pre-Purr for Glory!!!

spartacats.com 🐾

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😻SpartaCats launches into the Blockchain of Hiss-tory!

We told you to Pre-Purr for Glory, fellow feline aficionados! And now, the time has arrived!🐾

Under the stern guidance of King Meowidus, the SpartaCats 💰$PURR token generation event and all the fervor it brings with it, is here!

🙀With 10% of the total supply of Purr tokens available from 06/05, and a meager hard-cap of just 500.000 EVER, opportunities to join King Meowidus are sparse, but the fruits of your labor shall repay your sacrifices with unbeknownst glory!

😼Curious cats amongst you will be intrigued to dig up the details of the tokenomics of SpataCats, and this is encouraged. King Meowidus has sworn the sacred oaths of SpartaCat honour to be transparent, open-source, and receptive to the voices of his 300.

To get involved with the PURR token launch, and stake your claim in the spils of Sparta, head to EverStart on 06.05.2022, or forever remain in the mud with the mutts!

#SpartaCats #Everstart
SpartaCats NFT sale starts today (25.08.22) on EverStart 🔥

The NFT box hides warrior cats who will fight in the SpartaCats ARENA GAME.

NFT can be purchased for 30M PURR.

Time: 12:00 (UTC)

#spartacats #nft #sale