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PURR tokensale has started on EverStart.io 🚀

PURR is the token of the new NFT memcoin SpartaCats project, aimed at attracting users to Everscale. PURR was listed on the EverStart launchpad today.

The minimum amount of funds required to launch the project (Soft Cap) is 300K EVER!

📆 Tokensale ends on May 13, 13:00 (UTC)

#sale #launchpad #everstart #post
SpartaCats NFT sale starts today (25.08.22) on EverStart 🔥

The NFT box hides warrior cats who will fight in the SpartaCats ARENA GAME.

NFT can be purchased for 30M PURR.

Time: 12:00 (UTC)

#spartacats #nft #sale