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Forwarded from Warren (ACTIVE)
Forwarded from Warren (ACTIVE)
vouch @dvminics watch is great service was great 10/10
Forwarded from Warren (ACTIVE)
will be buying again
Forwarded from keoni
vouch @dvminics ferrari fansign complete
Forwarded from Andrew
Vouch @dvminics fire fan signs !!
Forwarded from Kuno
Vouch @dvminics, got me right with the fansign. Hit him up πŸ’―
Forwarded from Geba |
vouch @dvminics fan car sign πŸ“ˆ
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Forwarded from Jack Johnson
vouch dom, watch and van cleef 10/10 quality, 10/10 service.
Forwarded from r
vouch @dvminics went first for a car fan sign 10/10
Forwarded from Jhi
vouch @dvminics. got me right with a iced out cartier. message him now & stop buying off others 🫑
Forwarded from 9 | MM ~ Busy (Use @Aspect)
Vouch @dvminics MM'd $1950 for him, quick and easy ty!
Forwarded from Val
$500+ Well Spent With @dvminics 10/10πŸ”₯❀️
Forwarded from Marquon Sosa
+ rep 10/10 doms fansigns for sto vid
Forwarded from Lgr
3rd time doing business copped a tele channel this time, once again happened in less than 5 min🀝
Forwarded from hero β™±
10/10 great service Im already at 300 Followers
Forwarded from Shoecifer
Vouch @Dvminics another smooth deal
Forwarded from yugen
best exchanger ever
Forwarded from yugen
vouch @dvminics done over 30k$ in exchanges with this fucking goat
Forwarded from Shai
Vouch @dvminics $1,800 Venmo to crypto 10/10
Forwarded from Freebandz 4
Vouch @dvminics 10/10 great service Definitely recommend y’all to tap in with my guy🫑