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🎄In just two days there will be already 2020, this year was not very busy for the channel like the last, but anyway, this year we crossed the line of 1 thousand subscribers, thank you all very much for this, in the new year I will delight you with new posts more often, congratulations to all!🎄
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Happy new year!
🗞 GRID kicked off a free weekend
Steam users can play GRID for free. The promotion will last from January 3 to 6. In addition, the game can be purchased at a discount of 56% for ₽879 instead of ₽2 thousand. This discount will end on January 4. A set that includes GRID and GRID Autosport is also sold at a discount. Its cost is ₽946. GRID is a racing video game developed and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Her release took place on October 8, 2019. The game features many cars to choose from. This is the fourth GRID name in the TOCA series, as well as the reboot of the Grid series.
🗞 Awesome Steam news in December 2019
Valve introduced the 20 best new products and the 5 best free Steam games for December 2019. Valvr noted that last month games from 13 different countries were on the list. In addition, almost half of the list consists of games that have become the debut work of their developers. Valve also tried to understand which mechanics, themes, styles and genres were popular in December last year. The most popular tags are Action, Adventure, Role Play, Indie, and Casual. But these labels are too universal, so they are assigned to a large number of projects. If you look at the uniqueness, then 23 tags are found only once. Among them: “Great soundtrack”, “Dragons”, “Cooperative”, “Rhythm game”, “Looks like Dark Souls”, “Physics”, “Detective”, “Vampires” and others.
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Now in Epic Games you can get two cool games for free.
1. The Stanley Parable
2. Watch Dogs
To get these two games, you need to make a couple of clicks:
1. Go to the games page:
1 game 2 game
2. Take these games to your library.
The promotion will last until March 26, keep up
On Steam, until March 24th, 15.00, they will distribute the game Tomb Raider absolutely free!

You need to make a couple of clicks:
1. Go to the site
2. Add yourself a game in the library absolutely free.
Do not forget to join our chat with Telegram games!

Free Games from Epic Games
Today, the Epic Games Store began distributing three games for free until April 2!
List of free games:
1. World War Z
2. Tormentor X Punisher
3. Figment
To get any of these games, you just need to go to the game page in the Epic Games Store. And in the end, just add yourself the desired of these games to your library.
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Found the Guilty of a Leak by The Last of Us: Part II

Sony said that it managed to recognize the person responsible for the mass leak on The Last of Us: Part II. The company will not reveal the identity of the offender, but this is not an employee of Sony or Naughty Dog, as many thought. "Pseudo-investigations even appeared on the network: allegedly one of the developers of the game is so dissatisfied with the working conditions that he decided to ruin his bosses like that. Naughty Dog employees, according to Jason Schreier, doubted that someone from their company turned out to be an intruder." At the same time, during a pandemic, freelancers not only pay the agreed amounts, but also add all sorts of bonuses. The Last of Us: Part II will be released on June 19 this year on PS4. The PS Store recently resumed collecting pre-orders.
Fortnite Player Count Exceeds 350 Million

More than 350 million people are registered with Fortnite, in total they spent 3.2 billion hours in the game. This was announced by developers on Twitter. Over the course of the year, the Battle Royale increased its audience by 100 million users. May 6, Epic Games announced the “Royal Party” at Fortnite. As part of the event, live DJs Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and deadmau5 will perform live. Event participants will receive in-game rewards and will be able to take part in special competitions. You can read more about this at the link. Previously, Activision reported on the successes of its “royal battle”. In the two months following the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, more than 60 million players have gathered.
Destiny 2 Released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Destiny 2's MMO shooter is being ported to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Bungie said this on Twitter. Details about the game’s version for next-generation consoles will be announced separately. Previously it was reported that the “Battle Royale” Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone will be released on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. At the same time, Respawn Entertainment did not make official announcements, porting became known from the description of one of the studio's vacancies. On May 7, Microsoft held a presentation of Xbox Inside, which demonstrated the games that will be released on the Xbox Series X.
Money for RPG Black Book collected in just three days

Morteshka Studios and HypeTrain Digital Publishing House brought out the Black Book role-playing card game on Kickstarter last week. And this attempt was successful: the necessary amount was collected in three days. Now the creators have announced that the first additional goal of the Kickstarter campaign has been completed. An English voiceover will be recorded for the Black Book.
Well-known actors will give their voices to the heroes. Sarah Ann Williams will play Vasilis, the main character. She is known for the voice acting of League of Legends and Persona 5 games, as well as a number of animes, in particular Naruto, Sailor Moon and Madoka the Sorceress. They entrusted the role of old Yegor to Kyle Hebert. Nicholas was played by Daman Mills. And the cat Proshka will speak in the voice of Benjamin Diskin, who received an Emmy for his role in the animated series Muppet Babies. The creators also talked about the following additional goal: loyalty quests.
Steam starts summer sale!
New DLC for GTA Online will be released on August 11 !!!

The hottest season of the year is now in southern San Andreas, and you can make those hot days as fun as possible with a host of exciting new things to do next week in GTA Online. Co-op missions available to superyacht owners, breathtaking new racing tracks, a large selection of new vehicles and much more - this summer, every resident of Los Santos will find entertainment to their liking.
Galaxy superyacht owners will be able to take part in a new chain of missions, which can be completed either alone or with a team of up to four people. Deep-sea diving, thrilling waves and other adventures for sailors of all stripes await you.
Meanwhile, more than a dozen new models will appear on the websites of car dealerships, including cars for which modifications are available in Benny's, as well as all-terrain vehicles, sports cars and a couple of amazing new cars.