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A Call of Duty: Vanguard player was caught cheating when he said otherwise.
A user under the nickname Kenji took part in one of the tournaments, and during the competitions of the opposite team, something was suspected. To explain his innocence, Kenji has a camera on his monitor after broadcasting one of the matches.
As a result, the player was banned from participating in Checkmate Gaming tournaments, during which he earned about 4 thousand dollars in the past. The Call of Duty League, in which the unlucky trickster turned out to be, excluded him from the list of participants - the same also affected the four people with whom he played in the game.In addition, he was permanently banned from the league, and Kenji's Twitch channel itself was deleted. The streamer's teammates still have a chance to return to tournaments - but only in 2023.
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Gamescom 2022 organizers have published exhibition statistics. Thanks to her, it became known that the opening ceremony this year has collected more than 12 million views.
As for the exhibition itself, it was visited by more than 265 thousand people from more than 100 countries. Besides:
the entire online program has collected 130 million views;
1100 exhibitors from 53 countries are required to have their own booth at the exhibition; 75% are foreigners;
gamescom topped global Twitter trends 10 minutes into the opening ceremony;
over 355 thousand completed quests at gamescom EPIX.
Undertale's Deltarune adventure won't get a new review this year

Toby Fox, the author of our company Undertale, reported that the role-playing adventure Deltarune will not be welcomed this year.

However, on the anniversary of Undertale and the second deputy of Deltarune, fans should expect some surprise. Details will be shared on the horse.

Recall that the second release of Deltarune came out last year. She managed to attract a large number of players - on the day of the release of Fox's adventure on the PC, there were about 103 thousand people at the same time.

The first two chapters of Deltarune were free, but chapters 3, 4 and 5 should be paid. Fox connections drops them at the same time. According to him, he asks people to buy the game for the price of the first five chapters, and it will be more expensive than Undertale.
Nightclub owners in GTA Online receive an additional reward
A pleasant surprise awaits this share of club owners in GTA Online - the daily income from clubs has been doubled.
She also receives a $250,000 bonus for completing a sales mission. If three tasks are completed, users receive an additional reward in the same parameter. Various payments for club owners were sold out until 14 September.
In addition, this week is the last in the competition between the in-game firms Sprunk and eCola. Players can vote for one of the parties, choosing themed costumes, consuming the drinks themselves, and so on. For all this activity, you can get various items.
A team of enthusiasts has released their own custom modification that allows you to play the cult shooter Half-Life 2 using virtual reality devices.

The Half-Life 2: VR mod is available on Steam for free and is currently in open beta.
Half Life 2: VR players will once again find themselves in the role of Gordon Freeman, but now we will make our way to Ravenholm and then we will “manually”. We will be able to grab and throw objects (including a dog ball), reload weapons, collect objects and drive cars with hand movements.

To try out the mod, Half-Life 2 must be purchased on Steam. The mod covers the entire storyline and allows you to play the game from start to finish. However, the creators have not yet implemented all the intended functions and warn that errors are possible.
According to the Spanish publication Areajugones, which cites anonymous sources, Konami is developing a remake of the first Metal Gear Solid and plans to make it exclusive to the PlayStation 5.
The game has been reportedly in production for several years now, and the official announcement could take place quite soon, but not necessarily at the upcoming The Game Awards.
Areajugones has shared rumors in the past that turned out to be true, like PS Plus bundles or DualSense releases in different colors. However, this time the publication notes that this rumor about the MGS remake should be taken as a rumor. At the same time, the author of the original news does not believe in its reality.
Recall that in 2021, David Hayter, the original “voice of Snake” in Metal Gear Solid games, spoke about the possible production of a remake of the first part.
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Death Stranding is being given away for free on the Epic Games Store

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This is the most complete edition of the cult game.
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The creators of the iconic Postal series have announced the imminent release of Postal: Brain Damaged on both generations of PlayStation. But unfortunately, the exact release date was not announced.
Postal: Brain Damaged will be released on PC in June 2022. The game received very good ratings from gamers, now it has 96% positive reviews on Steam.

The game takes place in the twisted psyche of "The Dude". It is also worth remembering that he ends up in a mental hospital, but there is no peace for him either: patients are poisoned with strange pills, turning them into bloodthirsty maniacs.
Players will find a completely new, hand-crafted world full of unexpected surprises and “outrageous” level design. The Dude's crazy mind is constantly changing, as is the game's setting with crazy enemies and equally crazy ways to exterminate them.
Modification system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
The developers from Sledgehammer Games shared a new video. This time they talked about changes to the Gunsmith system, which is responsible for modifying weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and previous games in the series.
General changes:

Now collimators without magnification will not reduce the aiming speed.

By opening a module on one weapon model, the player gets the opportunity to equip it on other guns. For example, having received the Assault Stock stock after upgrading the AMR9 submachine gun to level 8, the user will be able to install this module on the Riveter shotgun.

Weapons will still have many slots for installing modifications, and the limit of 5 installed improvements will remain in force.

New to Call of Duty will be the addition of “special” versions of weapons. When a player upgrades his weapon to the maximum level, a special challenge opens up for him. By completing it, the player will gain access to weapon packs. The use of this kit changes the characteristics of the selected weapon beyond recognition, opening up new possibilities. The player essentially chooses an advanced version of the weapon, which can also have its own list of available modifications.
A player under the nickname Ainsy has released a mod for Starfield that includes a dynamic weather system. New weather changes automatically during gameplay, providing new weather conditions in different climate zones. The Starfield Dynamic Weather Mod is automatically activated in the game, allowing the weather to change in real time. Thanks to this, players can see a huge change in weather conditions, even in areas where such a climate would have seemed impossible. You can compare with thunderstorms, sandstorms, rain, snow, etc.
There is also an additional "Realistic" version of the mod, which retains the game's weather cycle, but with increased dynamics, making weather conditions more realistic.
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