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Rysslands utrikesminister Sergei Lavrov anlände igår till DFRK.
Lavrov har nu haft möten med Kim Jong Un och utrikesminister fru Choe Son Hui. Han har också lagt blommor vid gravplats för de sovjetiska soldater som offrade sina liv för Koreas nationella befrielse från japansk ockupation. Kritik från väst avfärdar han med att USA me
med att USA och väst inte har rätt att bestämma vem som träffar vem.
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Lavrov: "Moscow does not care about Washington's anger and panic over Russia-DPRK contacts."

Video - footage of Sergei Lavrov and Kim Jong-un meeting in DPRK.
🇵🇸🇷🇺🇰🇵Palestinier går ut på gatorna med Putinporträtt och ryska flaggor i storskaliga demonstrationer i staden Hebron mot Israels aggression och kriget på Gazaremsan.

Många palestinier har stora förhoppningar på Ryssland - att landet skall stoppa folkmordet på det palestinska folket.

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Russia seeks regular talks with China, North Korea to confront US threats: Lavrov

🔹 Russia’s foreign minister has proposed regular security talks with North Korea and China to deal with what he described as increasing US-led regional military threats.

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DPRK Foreign Ministry about events in Palestine

Pyongyang, October 26 (KCNA) - Recently, many people have died due to an Israeli airstrike on a hospital in Palestine. In connection with this large-scale disaster, on October 26, a representative of the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question from a KCNA correspondent.

Israel's airstrike on a health care facility that should be protected above all not only in peacetime, but also in wartime under international law is an unimaginable, evil war crime, an inhumane crime.

It cannot be ignored that such a crime by Israel is being committed under the open patronage of the United States.

The United States supplied Israel with a huge amount of military products and urgently sent 2 aircraft carrier strike groups to the waters of the Middle East, giving the green light for Israel to massacre the Palestinians.

The US, after the airstrike on the hospital, patronized Israel's crime, ranting meaningless words that the current event was the work of forces other than Israel. This fact shows that the United States is an accomplice who condoned and supported the murder by Israel.

The United States brazenly vetoed the UN Security Council’s draft revolution on allowing humanitarian access to the Gaza Strip under the “pretext” that it did not reflect “Israel’s right to self-defense”, and they themselves discovered in their guts that it does not concern them whether they die or not several thousand Palestinians, if Israel only faithfully implements its policy towards the Middle East.

The United States, a violator of global peace and a strangler of justice, will never be able to escape responsibility for condoning and supporting the large-scale crime of Israel, which brutally killed the Palestinians.
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Nordkoreanskt firande på ryska!! av vänskapen.
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On the 15th, the 10th meeting of the intergovernmental commission of the DPRK and the Russian Federation on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation was held in Pyongyang

On the Russian side, the delegation was headed by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov. The parties discussed expanding cooperation in areas such as trade, economics, science and technology, and signed a corresponding protocol. to strengthen relations between the two countries beyond military cooperation.

It is this non-military protocol that causes the greatest concern in South Korea, especially in light of the latest trends towards rapprochement between the Russian Federation and the DPRK: what is in it? While the protocol and agreements have not been published, South Korean government circles, citing intelligence data, share that, they say, it contains agreements on food supplies to the DPRK, increasing trade turnover and improving logistics, as well as inviting tens of thousands of North Korean workers to Russia.

But the specifics are not voiced, and this causes particular concern in South Korea: sometimes silence can be much more disturbing than conversation.

KCNA rapporterar att DFRK genomfört en lyckad uppskjutning av en övervaknings-satellit, Malligyong-1, med en bärraket av typ Chollima-1. Vi hoppas på fler detaljer och bilder.
Det kom ett mail till oss i föreningen från Pyongang:

Dear friends,
Warm greetings of Korean National Peace Committee from Pyongyang!
On November 21, 2023, the National Aerospace Technology Administarion (NATA) of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) successfully launched the new-type carrier rocket “Chollima-1” loaded with the reconnaissance sattelite “Malligyong-1” at the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground.
The DPRK's launch of the reconnaissance satellite, which took place as part of implementing decisions of the Eighth Congress of the Worker's Party of Korea (DPRK), is a step pertaining to the right to self-defense and the legitimate and just exercise of sovereignty to closely monitor and thoroughly cope with the enemies' various military moves around the Korean peninsula that provoke graver concern as days go by.
Nonetheless, the political and military gangsters of the “Republic of Korea” (ROK) termed the DPRK's launch of a reconnaissance satellite a “vioation” of the September 19 North-South Military Agreement, citing unreasonable and illogical reasons, and didn't hesitate to announce the nullification of some articles of the agreement as if they have earnestly waited for that moment.
It is just the “ROK” that has scaled up in an all-round, 3-D and phased way various sorts of military provocations in frontal challenge to the spirit of the agreement adopted to defuse the danger of an armed conflict along the Military Demarcation Line.
On November 21 and 22 alone, the south Korean puppets introduced US-made aircraft carrier “Calvinson” and nuclear-propelled submarine “Santa Fe”  to their region to turn it to a forward base and nuclear arsenal for the aggressive forces, thus endangering its regional military situation.
Those of the “ROK” must pay dearly for their irresponsible and grave political and military provocations that have pushed the present situation to an uncontrollable phase.
Under the current situation, the Ministry of National Defence of the DPRK clarified its principles that the Korean People's Army, from now on, will never be bound by the September 19 North-South Military Agreement, immediately restore all military measures that have been halted according to the north-south military agreement and those of the “ROK” will totally be blamed for the case an irretrievable clash breaks out between the north and the south.
The prevailing military tensions, caused by the U.S. and south Korean puppets that has gone beyond the red line, only proves the justice of the work for strengthening the nuclear war deterrent and mordernizing the armed forces being pushed forward with by us above all.
The Korean National Peace Committee firmly  believes that you who love peace will strongly demounce the political and military provocations by the U.S. and “ROK” puppets who are  plunging the situation on the Korean peninsula into an uncontrollable phase by finding fault with the just exercise of sovereignty of the DPRK.
Korean National Peace Committee
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at a banquet celebrating the launch of a reconnaissance satellite in Pyongyang, November 23, 2023. © KCNA (rt.com)
Forwarded from Slavyangrad V.V Putin-2024! (Wiggims)
North Korea's Permanent Representative to the UN Hwang Joon Kook:

The US continues to insist that North Korea is violating a UN Security Council resolution because it used ballistic missile technology to launch its satellite.

Then my question is: Does the US launch its satellites using a balloon or a catapult? 🤣

Kim Jong-un continues to look at the world:

“To respected comrade Kim Jong-un, the Pyongyang Aerospace Technology Center presented experimental photographs of the reconnaissance satellite and data related to the careful control of the reconnaissance satellite.

Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un received a photograph of the San Diego Naval Base in California, a photograph of Gaden Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture of Japan and a photograph of the Suez Canal of Egypt.

Dear friends,

warm greetings of the Korean Democratic Lawyers' Association from Pyongyang.

Recently the acute military and political situation is prevailing on the Korean peninsula due to the illegal and provocative maneuvers of the U.S. and its followers to viciously infringe upon the security and the exercise of sovereign rights of our state for the launch and operation of the reconnaissance satellite.

The strategic assets of the U.S. have frequently appeared at south Korea’s ports only 500 to 600 km away from Pyongyang and on Nov. 22, the "Republic of Korea" abruptly announced suspension of some provisions of the September 19 North-South Military agreement, groundlessly pulling up the DPRK over its launch of a reconnaissance satellite. And since the afternoon of the day, they all went into the military confrontation racket, reminiscent of the eve of a war, in the area along the Military Demarcation Line.

An official concerned of the US Space Command recently hinted at a military attack on the DPRK’s reconnaissance satellite, saying that the US can decrease its enemy country’s outer space operation capabilities by employing diverse “reversible and irreversible methods” and the U.S. has perpetrated acts of encroaching upon the sovereignty and hostile acts of taking sanctions against the DPRK by rallying its followers such as Japan, the "Republic of Korea" and Australia, while unreasonably pulling up the DPRK over its exercise of just and legitimate sovereignty.

Furthermore, the whole course of the open meeting of the UNSC over the reconnaissance satellite launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, convened at the gangster-like demand of the US and its followers, clearly proves how weak, false and absurd are the unreasonable arguments of some UN member states denying the DPRK’s sovereign rights.

The DPRK’s satellite launch is an essential process in building up the country’s defence capability and an important step conducive to improving the security environment on the Korean peninsula as an occasion of bringing a new phase in the military activities of the armed forces of the DPRK to firmly defend its security.

The US should respect the sovereign decision of the DPRK to freely exercise the right to space development any UN member nations can enjoy, neither interfere in nor obstruct it.

Article 8 of the “Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies,” the main international outer space treaty, stipulates that any object launched into outer space definitely shall fall under the jurisdiction of the launcher state and the ownership of it never changes, no matter it remains in outer space or returned to the earth. Furthermore, reconnaissance satellite is not regarded as a space weapon by international law for its technical features aimed at observation.

Current situation clearly proves that the double-faced stand and behavior of the US whose deeds are quite different from its words are a vicious factor disturbing peace and stability in the region of the Korean peninsula along with double standards, the height of high-handed and arbitrary practices.

The DPRK will continue to make efforts to develop everything belonging to its sovereign rights and continue to exercise the sovereign rights, enjoyed by all the member states of the UN, fairly and free from any restriction in the future, too.

KDLA firmly believes that you, loving peace and justice, would pay due concern to the situation on the Korean peninsula and extend sincere support and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle for safeguarding the sovereignty of the country and peace and security on the Korean peninsula and in the region.

Korean Democratic Lawyers' Association