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WhatsApp Aero v9.27 Fixed Version

🔺Fixed major problem that caused app to freeze.
🔺 Fixed major problem making app unusable.
🔹Click to see the release notes of the previous WhatsApp Aero version.
🔹Many other fixes and improvements

DELTA Ultra v4.0.2 Apk Latest

🔷 Hide Members Group Counter
🔷 Change Style for Settings Appearance

🔺 Anti-virus Options Like:

- Anti OutOfMemory Error
- Anti App Virus Crashes
- Immortal Home v2
- Location virus
- WebPage virus
- Contact virus
- Image virus
- Audio virus
- Text virus
And More...

DYOWA v80 Latest Version by Dodi

🔷 Added Curved home ui
🔷 Added New drawer ui
🔷 Added  Reactivated anti virus and special features
🔷 Added New chat action icon 
🔷 Added Show/hide download status and seen status icons (Homescreen - status)
🔷 Added Preview icons selector
🔷 Fixed Return to homepage when exiting chat fab
🔷 Fixed Profile bar
🔷 Fixed Custom chat
🔷 Fixed Dividers row
🔷 Fixed Video splitter
🔷 Fixed Major problem that caused app to freeze
🔷 Fixed Major problem making app unusable
🔷 Misc Other fixes and improvements

Password 👉 new1
DELTA YOWA v4.0.3 Apk Latest Update

Changelog v4.0.3:

🔷 Update Base FM9.27
🔷 DELTA Home V1 and v2


YOWA v9.27 by Dodi

🔹New Homestyles
🔹Package clone2
🔹New Themes
🔹Fix bug later

👉Download link
#YOWA by dodi
DELTA YOWA v4.0.3F [22 April ] Bug Fixed

Changelog v4.0.3F :

✔️ Fixed All Problems
🔷 Update Base FM9.27
🔷 DELTA Home V1 and v2

Download Link✔️
For all WhatsApp Mods users

💡 AFTER GOOGLE PLAY PROTECT POLICIES UPDATE. You will encounter several problems when you use third-party applications.

🚦 If you want to use a third-party app
The Play Store will alert you that it is a malicious app.

🚧 Do not be afraid of this warning, it is fake.

🧩 We always work for your best interest. So keep using and trusting WhatsApp Fouad without any worries.

🎯 When malicious app alert popup appears.
What are you doing?
for example :
1. APk Uninstall Alert:
simply ignore

2. They appear as malicious apps:
simply ignore

3. Appears upon installation malicious application? Choose to install anyway

4. The best way to fix the problem is as follows:
Disable Play Protection

❤️ Thank you to all users who have trusted us
GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20 Apk By Alexmods Latest Version Download [Offcial-Antiban]

🔹New Base updated to 

🔹Fixed Harmful App Notification By Play Protect ✅

🔹 Fixed Problems That Caused App To Freeze & Unusable ✅

Download Link
Download FOUAD WhatsApp IMP FIX Update | Urgent fix update 🚀

#FouadWhatsApp V9.29

📆 25-04-2022
🏷 Base:

⭕️ What's news in 9.29
⚒ Google Play Store "harmful app" wrong alert

⭕️ New in version 9.29
⚒ Solve the malicious app message from Google Play Store

dYoWA V81

•• Added Fab diagonal home screen
•• Added Old ui 2016 homescreen
•• Added New redesign settings
•• Added Dialog pick wallpaper
•• Fixed Back button in settings not working
•• Fixed Text status

link download:
DELTA YOWA v4.0.4 New Update

Changelog :

🔹Sparate Group in DELTA HOME v2
🔹Fix Problem setHomeIc
🔷 DELTA Home V1 and v2

Dyowa v82 latest Version

dYoWA V82

•• Added IOS home style
•• Added New settings style
•• Added New quick contact style
•• Added New attachment picker style
•• Added Attachment picker coloring
•• Added New action icons style
•• Added Redesigned ios action bar on conversation screen
•• Added Change title color on home toolbar
•• Added Change lock screen style
•• Added Download profile photo on quick contact
•• Added Show/hide icon download profile photo
•• Fixed Translate icons
•• Fixed Create status
•• Misc Other fixes and improvements

Link download:
55.9 MB
📣 Added Delete For everyone Time (Unlimited) ❤️
DYOWA V83 Latest Update

🔹 Added IOS V2 Home style
🔹 Enable Download photo profile
🔹 Added New settings style
🔹 Added Change pattern lock style
🔹 Added New conversation bar styles


Dyowa Themes 👉 @ritvikthemes