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We always give honest advice to all the traders time to time so that they can secure their capital.

Trader is trading with only $100 so as per that one updated do not trade in gold due to high volatility.

Hope he will follow our instruction and trade only in currency pairs.
Why maximum traders are taking break in forex market due to wrong trading?

Yes, they are not following the proper risk and reward and after that loosing the capital.

You can see the live example where we have guided trader that you should only trade in currency pairs due to small investment.

He traded from free platform but where we bought as per the support level he started selling in that signal and as result right now he is loss.

We have updated him to close the trade but we don't think he will do it as loss is more than $200.

In forex risk management is big challenge and if you have not followed then you will only book loss.
All the trader are enjoying our personal broadcast service on Whatsapp.

See the positive feedback from the client and really it's very hard for us to post on each and every feedback due to so many followers.
Daily we are getting bundle of thanks for our free signals from our more than 50000+ followers.

We try to post daily but it's not possible and we are taking few selective update so that you will see how we are working for our free followers.
See more appreciation for our work is coming on YouTube!!

We give signals based on the news and results are confirmed by our traders on different social media marketing platforms.
Powerful signals!!

It's an amazing word and really getting good response from a client.

If you are doing a good job then it's always appreciated and you get good energy to work more and more hard to deliver maximum profit to your followers.
Due to so many losses client has stopped the trading and after getting our free signals he got confidence that he can also make the profit.
We never asked for the payment first of all prove our work with our signals and after that automatically traders are the part of our paid service.
See the appreciation started for our work.

SELL USOIL signal was given for the trade and trader's made good profit.

He has shared the profit screenshot too.
Many are like that as per our work they are giving us the confirmation that how much they like our signals.
See the magic of our work where people are appreciating our work time to time as we are delivering the profit to them.
you guys are really good this is the meaning of the highlighted words.

As client is Portuguese. We are guiding the clients properly so that they can get proper results with the trading.

Free signals are only for the observation only.
We have earned the trust for the client and soon will deliver him 35-40% consistent ROI for his account.
We guide each and every individual for the trade and guide them properly.
If trader is not having fund still we are guiding them so that they can get proper information from our end.

We are in mission to provide accurate data to each and every individual so that they can earn consistent profit.
We have earned the trust for the client and soon will deliver him 35-40% consistent ROI for his account.
See our work and consistent positive review from the client's end.

After payment and before payment our service is never changed for any trader.

We are more active after payment so that they feel good and always try our best to deliver them profit.

Client is ready to give another account for the trade and before closing this one we have booked 2360 USD profit.
See the one more honest review from the client for #Flashtrade1

He is not earning too much buy happy with weekly return with our signals.
Extremely happy for the client those are earning from the #Flashtrade1 with mirror trading.

We are working hard for the traders and traders are talking on behalf of us.