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Why choose Alaska as your next Golf Experience? For the uncontaminated and wild nature. For one of the richest and most varied faunas in the country (bears, moose, caribou, rams, eagles, foxes, beavers etc ..). For the boundless spaces, for the millennial glaciers, for the highest and most fascinating mountain peaks and consequently for the considerable number of mountaineering and trekking paths. For browsing the breathtaking inlets of the Inside Passage and for a whole series of historical and literary motivations. And the Golf? I believe that writing what is in those Courses cannot be described. We just have to go and play to understand.
What do LeBron James and Bono Vox, Lapo and James Pallotta, Patrick Cutrone, Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey and Anastacia have in common? For their holidays all of them chose to make a stop on the Amalfi coast, moving between Positano, Amalfi and Cetrara. After all, how can we blame them? World Heritage Site and UNESCO site, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of just 50 km of the world famous coast of Campania, bordered by Positano and Vietri sul Mare. And the Golf? 3 courses not bad to intersperse with your precious free time.
Landscapes, coves, monuments, botanical gardens, villages … Lake Como is a concentrate of beauty, attractions and things to see. The ideal place for your next Golf Experience. On the other hand, if for centuries it has been a place so loved by tourists from all over the world and by all genres, from politicians like John Fitzgerald Kennedy to VIPs like George Clooney, from Queen Victoria of England to Saudi princesses, if every year it is defined as the most beautiful lake in the world, there will be a reason, no?
Elegant, noble: reserve corners of unmistakable splendor. Among islands and villas, gardens and enchanting landscapes here is what to see at Lake Maggiore. In winter as in summer, Lake Maggiore is tinged with a thousand colors: from the red of the leaves in autumn, to the intense green of spring, from the white of snow in January to the blue of the lake in July. Like a fjord, it stretches from Switzerland to Italy and connects, with its waters, Locarno to Arona and Stresa, enchanting and elegant lakeside villages. Around, 4 splendid Golf Courses that allow you to play in maximum tranquility and amenity.
The Isle of Man, the “little Great Britain” as it is called by the other inhabitants of the United Kingdom, is a charming and charming town in the middle of the Irish Sea, an island proud of its cultural and administrative independence which offers a an incredible variety of attractions, your next Golf Experience really deserves to be organized here, to discover places with a magical atmosphere, enchanted castles and Natural Parks.
Megaliths, medieval towers, the cave of Calypso: Malta is not only ancient, it is absolutely mythical! The narrow cobblestone streets of its towns are dotted with Norman cathedrals and Baroque palaces, while in the countryside there are the oldest buildings built by man over the millennia. Only one splendid Golf Course where when you play again it’s like you’ve never done it.
Visiting Crete “at least once in a lifetime” organizing a Golf Holiday is the minimum wage, in the awareness however that once is not enough to see it properly. It is the largest and most populous Greek island, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean and its position and self-sufficiency have shaped its history, culture and proud and independent character. It is an island of Caribbean sea and steep mountains, modern cities and villages forgotten by God and man. It is nature and antiquity, it is the heart of European civilization. #crete
Italy is a spectacular country and there are many reasons to choose it as a destination for your next Golf Experience without necessarily having to travel abroad. In particular, our coasts offer many places that are envied by everyone. One of these destinations is Sicily, where the sea, good food and architectural beauties make it one of the most beautiful regions of the whole peninsula. Sicily is a book of history and art history, a compendium of the greatest civilizations and cultures of all time. A sunny island, with a nature full of contrasts, with a splendid coast and a refined and tasty cuisine, flavors and aromas, all to try and enjoy. Each style, every movement of art is richly represented in Sicily, in cities such as Palermo, Catania, Caltanissetta, Enna, Syracuse, Ragusa, Trapani, Agrigento and Messina; in smaller towns, such as Cefalù, gathered around the Norman cathedral, or with its extraordinary baroque cathedral; or Taormina, with its splendid Greek-Roman theater.