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Forwarded from Just Human
I think this seeming contradiction, CCP influenced Biden not sending officials to the Beijing Olympics, which is just the latest in nearly an entire year of the Biden Admin thumbing it's nose at CCP, is best explained by:

1) Weiss investigation in Biden Crime Family

2) Loss of CCP leverage/influence over Biden

3) Devolution
Forwarded from Joe Lange
Interesting article.
It seems this guy’s views on how to take on China and prevent a war with China over Taiwan is exactly what seems to be playing out.
He was in the Trump administration.

Wonder what this guy is doing other than putting out this book and if he’s involved in devolution?
Forwarded from Insider Paper
JUST IN: Trump calls Biden to resign for not controlling COVID despite help from vaccines


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Forwarded from Just Human
I sense a Devo-like disturbance in the Biden Admin. As if dozens of Trump Admin Officials are still handling our nation’s NEFs, and more.

“Colby was the main crafter of Trump’s 2018 national defence strategy, which decisively shifted the US from concerns about terrorism and towards great power competition, naming China a “strategic competitor”.

The Biden Admin has kept the Trump Admin’s “Porcupine Strategy” with Taiwan and gone further in some instances.

Read the full article here:
Forwarded from BrittRepublican (Britt Republican)
Forwarded from CatTheGreat
This Devin Nunes news is massive. Devin is a proven patriot for his role in exposing spygate. He’s been a Trump ally from day 1 and he loves his country. I can’t imagine he’d leave Congress and his role on all the intelligence committees unless he felt leaving would be how he could best serve his country.
Forwarded from Liz Harrington
Congressman Devin G. Nunes, Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, to Join Trump Media & Technology Group as Chief Executive Officer

1 year ago today, Trump issued the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy as well as Executive Order 13961: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience

This is the EO and Strategy proves Devolution is happening right now. On December 7th, 2020, the supposedly outgoing President Trump issued this EO and Strategy that implements and executes a continuity of government plan. He didn't issue this executive order for shits and giggles.

Read Devolution Part 13 for a detailed breakdown. Part 13 not only explains the executive order and shows you who is playing a role in the operation then and now, but it will also help you make sense of everything you're seeing unfold today. You'll realize you aren't crazy for thinking Trump will be back.
Forwarded from MistyG 🇺🇸🦅
It’s time to go to war!

Forwarded from Liz Harrington

President Donald J. Trump:

“Vladimir Putin looks at our pathetic surrender in Afghanistan, leaving behind dead Soldiers, American citizens, and $85 billion worth of Military equipment. He then looks at Biden. He is not worried!”

Kate going live tonight 👇
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