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- New home-style widgets
- Google fit and data export moved on main screen
Notify 15.4.7 beta
- New changes to fix Android 13 connection issues (Pixel 7).
If this new version is not working, please try disable "stable connection" mode on the app advanced settings. Please share your feedback.

Notify 15.4.6 stable version available on PlayStore and Huawei AppStore
- Added Komoot and OsmAnd notifications support (similar to GMap)
Notify 15.5.1 beta version (Google)
Allow ZeppOS devices (Mi Band 7, GTR >= 3, GTS >= 3, T-Rex 2, ...) to work without the official app installed (Authkey required)
The latest firmware should work fine. No need to downgrade.

Working features:
- App notifications with custom icon support
- Calls notifications (incoming and missed)
- On custom contact calls the picture is shown as app icon (missed calls)
- Custom vibrations
- Workouts
- Music (starts after a few seconds)
- Weather
- Band settings (excluded menu)

Not working features:
- Third-party ZeppOS apps installed on the smartwatch (if they require any connection with the phone to work)

Mi Band 7 Pro, Xiaomi Watches, ... are not supported
Is the new Mi Band 8 supported by Notify app? Current answer: No.
Unfortunately, Mi Band 8 operating system looks similar to Mi Band 7 Pro, which means it's completely different and incompatible compared with the older Mi Band.
We will try to add support also for the new Mi Band 8 operating system in the future (if possible), please check this channel for future updates.

New Notify 15.7.6 version available soon on PlayStore with some minor improvements and bug fixes.
(Mi Band 7 Pro, Xiaomi Watches, Redmi watches, ... are not supported)
Notify for Xiaomi 16.5.0 version is out on PlayStore!
- Mi Band 8 full support (please remove the official app to avoid connection conflicts). Full devices list supported available on the playstore description (Mi Band 8 Pro, Mi Band 8 Active, Mi Band 7 Pro, Redmi Watch 3, ...)
- Google Fit sync support
- Sleep as Android support (requires the latest sleep as android app beta version). Notice: while using sleep as android, sleep will not be tracked by watch (and also on notify)
- Fixed sleep nap calculations bug
- Mi Band 8 boxing game support (instructions )
41.2 MB
Notify for Mi Band 16.0.6
- Fixed Mi Band 7 notifications bug
(Also coming out soon on Playstore)
Important Update: Changes to Google Fit Sync

Google is making significant adjustments to the sync capabilities with Notify for Mi Band and Notify for Amazfit apps in relation to Google Fit. Access to these apps for data syncing with Google Fit will be terminated by Google in few days.

As solution, we have rolled out a recent update for the Notify app on the Play Store (see version >= 16.5.4), which will be available in the next few days pending Google's approval. This update introduces integration with the external Simple Health app, enabling continued data synchronization with Google Fit.

The data sync process remains automatic, so you can seamlessly continue using Notify as usual. There is no requirement to open the Simple Health app separately. Simple Health is a free additional application that does not require a license. Detailed instructions will be provided within the Notify app when you access Google Fit sync settings.

Furthermore, the new version of the Notify app will also allow users who download Notify from the Huawei App Store to sync their data to Google Fit.
Notify for Xiaomi 16.6.8 new version is available on Playstore!
New cool watchface builder feature is available to build a custom watchface using your favourite pictures. Try it now on the Watchfaces app section.
The feature is available for models: Mi Band 8, Mi Band 7 Pro, Mi Band 8 Pro, Redmi Watch 4, Redmi Watch 3, Xiaomi Watch S1, Xiaomi Watch S1 Active, Xiaomi Watch S2, Xiaomi Watch S3, Xiaomi Mi Color 2
39.4 MB
Notify for Xiaomi 16.7.4 (Google version)
- Fixed 16.7.2 bug
- Alexa support

Update available soon also on PlayStore
Updated tutorial now includes instructions for Mi Band 8 Pro as well.
Guide how to convert your Mi Band 8 or Mi Band 8 Pro from Chinese to Global version:
39.5 MB
Notify for Xiaomi 17.0.6 (Google version)
- New settings UI
- Alexa support

Update available soon also on PlayStore and Huawei AppStore
New Notify 17.0.6 settings UI