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New Notify App Tutorials suggestions
Ever wanted to see a tutorial on how to configure a particular feature on Notify?
For example tutorials like:
- How to setup Notify to mute Whatsapp groups notifications
- How to start an Alexa routine using watch button
- How to mute notifications when your phone is on DND mode
- How to sync steps to Google Fit
- How to export an animated (GIF) maps of your last workout

Now you can submit your tutorial requests!

Use the form below to submit your suggestion (no login/approval required)
Notify 14.4.1 beta version
🚀Made app 4x more faster to run and load data! This new version should get ride of most "App is not responding" issues
- Decode unsupported emoticons to text version
- Fixed Spo2/stress time issues
- Fixed minor Bip custom notification issues (sleep notification, ...)
- Dedicated Tasker custom vibration plugin
- Fixed Sleep as Android minor bug
- Fixed Yandex weather sync
- Huawei users -> a new update will be made soon, with detailed instructions
- GTR 3 / GTS 3 NOT supported

BATTERY DRAIN -> we are checking the issue

Any issue with this beta version, please report
Notify 14.4.3 beta version
- Fixed Alexa issues
- Fixed battery drain last beta version 14.4.1. Please write a comment if you are still getting issues related to battery/high cpu
- Backup issue and other related issues should be fixed as well
- GTR 3 / GTS 3 NOT supported
Notify 14.4.5 stable version
- Fixed battery drain issues
- Fixed notifications statistics
- Fixed T-Rex Pro workout gps data sync (awaiting confirmation)
- Fixed Alexa issues (since 14.4.3)
- GTR 3 / GTS 3 NOT supported!
Notify 14.4.7 stable version
- Fixed sleep edit and related issues
- Fixed Sleep as Android integration bug
- Added import backup on welcome screen to skip pairing procedure and import all data directly
- Fixed minor bugs
- GTR 3 / GTS 3 NOT supported!
Notify 14.4.8 is available on Playstore!

(Huawei users: new version coming out soon)

Since 14.4.5 beta version we've added a new feature called "muscle exercises" to suggest some exercises to keep you moving and active. (Credits:
There are different types of exercises available: from the simplest and lightest (without the use of dumbbells or barbell) to the most advanced exercises
(see picture 1)

We also made tutorials available while running a gym workout session, so you always have it at hand.
(see picture 2)

If you have any additional suggestion, drop a comment
Notify 14.4.9 stable version
- Fixed Spo2, Workouts and other related issues
- Fixed old home theme bugs

Notice: Spo2 missing data may not be resync (watch delete data after first sync)

Thanks anyone who helped reporting issues!
Huawei App Gallery users only (Google users ignore this message!)

New Notify app version has been released on Huawei App Gallery.
Due to an problem with Huawei App Gallery, new app must have different identification, so you have to download the new app, import backup from old app, and then you can uninstall old app.

New Notify for Mi Band app (Huawei App Gallery):
New Notify for Amazfit app (Huawei App Gallery):

Tutorial how to migrate from old to new app:
Notice: new app will allow you to migrate also license from old app (follow the tutorial)
Notify 14.5.5 (stable)
- Added native reject call with SMS support (only supported firmwares: Mi Band 6, ...) - beta. Enable it on main left menu -> band settings
- Fixed workout tracking issues
- Added more alerts for Stress/spo2 sync issues when also official app is installed
- Updated translations
GTR 3 / GTS 3 NOT supported
⚠️We need your voice
Write a comment below to let know Zepp company (we will show it to them) that you would like to see Notify app working much better and easier with their smartwatches and they should collaborate with us!
Thanks to your words we will try to get in touch and get the best results.
The more comments we get, the more likely we are to get good results.💪

Just for your information, we are losing 90% of the time to try figure out how to get the watch working and fix new firmware limitations. If we can get direct support from Zepp, it will mean we can dedicate 100% of our time to developing new features and stay more focused on your requests ❤️

Please leave below a comment like Hey Zepp, please let Notify app work with your watches (click to copy/paste message automatically)

Thank you all 🙏