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1. Avocado Lust
- avocado
- pomegranate
- mix salad leaves
- cheese

2. Watermelon Darling
- yellow watermelon
- mix salad leaves
- sunflower seeds
- white sesame seeds
- chilli sauce

3. Bread Love
- crouton
- rocket salad leaves
- oranges
- mix nuts
- cheese

4. Green Itch
- cucumber
- avocado
- salad leaves
- mix nuts
- mix dried fruits
- cheese

**salt and pepper (your choice. I didn’t add)
Happy Morning Loves♥️♥️♥️. Completely didn’t strike my that, my telegram profile has not been updated. Here I am. I’m back. Have an amazing day.
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Happy morning loves. Sadly, this platform of ours will be going dormant. We really don’t find it doing anything for us. Therefore, we are returning to Twitter and you can continue to follow us on - Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. All the best to all of you.