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Happy morning world.
Yes, the crazy ones like me.
No wonder, I self named my pen-name as “The Crazy Lover”. Then again, for some people, they can’t get it what is meaning of crazy. They think crazy means madness, not realising, crazy people are full of soul, happiness, laughter and they are a creative lot.
(Source - Wildly Random, #facebook).
Happy morning world.
Happy morning world!! ♥️♥️
Captain Shrimp - Delectable Tex-Mex fare, Mini Buffet Catering & Christmas Menu 2021
It’s time to bring out the advent calendars: Christmas is officially less than a month away. Captain Shrimp Christmas 2021 menu this year come in a whole range: from 2 set menus with Tex-mex twists and hearty combos, one will definitely be spoilt for choice. The festive takeaways/delivery, also on the other hand, come with indulgent seafood and meats that are bound to keep you stuffed even after a night of revelry at home. Expect Captain Shrimp iconic dishes like the Jack & Mozzarella Quesadilla, Apple Crumble Pie, Loaded Potatoes Skin, US Baked Mussel Signature NZ Grilled Lamb with Mint Sauce, a mouth-watering, juicy number that’s perfumed with imported herbs and spices. Both sets is available from 15th to 31st December 2021.
Happy morning world.
Meet the founder of Nava’s Zen and her superb, amazing team. Your instructors for -
Ms. Nava K (Beauty Yoga, Zen Yoga & Wellness Yoga).
Ms. Tan Pei Fern (Tabata & kids workout, 5-10 years old).
Ms. Veronica Chung (Pilates)
Ms. Law Wai See (Flow Yoga & Yin Yoga)
Ms. Dyane Khoo (Belly Dancing Fusion, Zumba & Kids Modern Dance, 5-10 years old ) - no picture yet.
Ms. Hafizah (Kids Yoga, 5-10 years old) - no picture yet.
Classes will commence from 8 January, 2022.
On your mark, get set and see you yea. Some of us, we are above our fifties and Ms. Nava, 57.
Happy morning world. Photo shot at Foliage Cafe, Taman Desa, KL.