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"We spend our days, each one of us, in looking for the secret of life. Well, the secret of life is in art."
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“The Law of Past Experience”, a reference to one of the best-known principles of Gestalt psychology. This particular law postulating that under certain circumstances visual stimuli are categorized according to past experiences, underpins the Boolean series. In practical terms, it means that when our field of vision encounters a group of unfamiliar elements, our brain “sees” shapes or figures according to our mnemonic vocabulary, sometimes completing or uniting what our eyes perceive as incomplete or fragmented. In this sense, Nucleo encourages viewers to use their imagination to reconfigure the strange yet familiar objects in front of them according to their own subconscious templates.
Dolce & Gabbana
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Reza Asgaripour
Saint Paul de Mausole . Saint Rémy. This former monastery is the asylum where Vincent Van Gogh committed himself voluntarily for a year, a week and a day. It’s where he received treatment and rested,at times not being able to work at all, but when he could,churning out piece after piece,including masterpieces like Starry Night and Irises.
Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2016
Polenov's landscape trilogy
"Moscow Courtyard" 1878
"Grandmother’s Garden" 1878
"Overgrown Pond" 1879
Alexei Savrasov
"The Rooks Have Come Back" 1871