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95. You see, your reward is unconditional; it cannot dim or fade with time, or even the choices of your children. It is a "done deal" as far as our Lord is concerned. All that remains is for you to continue to see beyond today to tomorrow--the tomorrow that our Master knows is there for each of His children. So whenever that vision and promise of tomorrow is fading fast from your sight under the duress and weariness of today, call on His help‚ call on the power of the keys, and ask for me. You have but to ask for me by name and I'll be there for each of you, to show and give you whatever you need to restore your vision and commitment to this sacrificial calling that so few have chosen to follow.
96. I will help you focus on tomorrow and the wonderful destiny that lies before the little ones in your care. I will lift your spirit out of the trying days, the days when your patience and love are tested to the limit, the days when your vision seems dim and faint. I have been created to help fill that need, to help rekindle your vision, to stir your vision and translate your spirit and courage into the future and all that will come to pass.
97. So whenever your courage is ebbing, ask for my help, and I'll be there to show you the marvels of the future and all that our wonderful Love and Savior will do through that little one or that group of little ones--all because of your remaining faithful to the vision and calling He has bestowed upon you.
98. You see, faithful custodians of the future, what you invest will never return void. That's a promise that can never be broken, no matter what. You will receive a return on your investment that is beyond your comprehension. Right now it's often beyond your earthly eyes, but if you desire to see, if you believe you can see, you will see. All you have to do is call on the keys and their revelatory power, believe that you can see, ask to see, and I will relay to you images, visions, pictures and messages--through His awesome power--that will once again set your heart, spirit, and vision reeling! (End of message.)

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99. (Question:) Can Elysian help everyone who calls on him?
100. (Jesus:) Elysian can help all the children of David to see with the eyes of faith what their children will become in the future. It is a big job, but those given big jobs are granted great powers, and that is the case with this one, who has been in existence since days of old.
101. Elysian has been in existence many thousands of years as you measure time, and in the days of the ancient Greeks his power was apparent as well, to the point that his name became an adjective for that which was heavenly or blissful.
102. The ancients got many things wrong concerning their gods and goddesses‚ who were often good or evil spirits, but they did often get the names right. They had a sensitivity to things of the spirit, to matters of the spirit world, that I used to prepare men and women for My coming on Earth. In a similar manner, your own sensitivity to the beings of the spirit world prepare both you and many others in the world for My coming--My second coming, in this case. (End of message.)
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The Ilantri: Commissioned to Parents and Teachers
103. (Vision:) I'm having all these flashes of when I was a child--pictures of my parents and my teachers, and everyone who took time to teach me. It's like a replay of my childhood, starting from the time I can remember, and it even includes things I don't remember. But the person in those flashes is definitely me as a child. The flashes are of me being cared for by one of my parents, or a teacher, or an older brother or sister. I feel very loved, comforted, and indebted by what I see.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world! ( ML #389:25 , Vol.3).
104. The first flash is before I'm born. My parents are praying for me, that the Lord will give them a child. Subsequently my mom got pregnant‚ and the next picture is of her with a large pregnant stomach already praying for me, dedicating me to the Lord.
105. Following that is when I'm a toddler. I'm curled up asleep in my dad's arms and he's stroking my hair. He's praying that he will be the father that I need; he's also praying for my future, what I will do and become for the Lord.
106. Next I see my older sister teaching me to read‚ patiently giving me the opportunity to learn at my own pace. Every time I learn something new she is so happy, which makes me happy and more eager to learn. Her encouragement motivates me to learn. I see the teachers who became a part of my life as I grew older. I feel so much love and care.
107. The last flash is of me as a young adult, being taught something new in my work by someone who's more experienced in the job, and I feel the same concern, inspiration, and desire to help me learn something new.
108. I'm not seeing these flashes as I would've in the physical realm. I'm seeing each person teaching me, each parent loving and praying for me, each effort on someone's part to help me learn, and that person is surrounded in a glow. From the glow emanates the calmness, peace, love, and patience that all teachers and parents need. It's not clear, but the glow is coming from someone else other than the teacher or parent. It's the form of a person outlining or silhouetting their own, and giving off this bluish glow, though the glow seems to change in color depending on what emotion the parent or teacher needs.
109. I catch a wisp of the silhouette glow … it's a spirit helper. I hear the following in a voice that sounds much like a passing breeze--soft, caressing, almost musical.

110. (Spirit helper:) We are a special breed of spirit helpers, designed with a unique purpose--that of helping all teachers and parents. You've seen us as wispy, multi-colored glows encasing a teacher or parent, for we are created to enter the spiritual dimensions of a person's body, so that our very fibers are linked.

111. (Vision:) I see one of them. They are more like a wisp of smoke than a human form. The top of their body is like ours. They have beautiful, large eyes, penetrating, as if they could see right through someone. They have large mouths as well‚ and they're smiling. From the waist down they are as a trailing wisp of smoke‚ transparent, flowing. They have long arms that can enwrap the largest man. Every breath is clearly visible with the heaving of their chest, and what is very peculiar is that I can see their heart within them. It beats steadily, in sync with every breath they breathe, and is larger than a normal heart would be, at least double the size, maybe triple.
112. They speak … well, it's not really speaking, as they don't use words; rather the emotion of what their hearts beat is expressed through their breath. It is not a different language, but a completely different way of communicating. It sounds like someone exhaling air‚ and they seem to breathe into the ears of those they are helping and influencing‚ and from their mouth comes a bluish-red vapor.
113. (Spirit helper continues:) We are the Ilantri. Our commission is to all parents and teachers. Our hearts are infused with the love God feels for each child. It beats within us and we breathe this divine love, care, and skill into those whom we are sent to help.
114. The struggles of raising and caring for a child are many, and this is why God created us--an elite force of spirit beings: the Ilantri. We are sent to fill your hearts with the inspiration of teaching. We bring ideas. We bring love. We bring practical know-how. We know the hearts of those who teach and those who are taught, for this is our gift, our calling--the purpose for our creation.
115. In those times when you are faced with the difficult task of caring for your child or teaching another's child, when your inspiration and enthusiasm has run low, when you question your calling in life and when you are discouraged by the struggles and problems, remember that we are here to give you all that you need. Our arms are wrapped tightly about you‚ filling your heart, body, mind, and spirit with the love, help, insight, concern‚ and skill that you need.
116. The gifts of our creation are yours for the asking. We know no purpose other than to serve you. This is our design, our reason for existing--to help you. (End of message.)

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117. (Question:) In the vision, the Ilantri were breathing and their hearts were beating. I'm curious why a spirit being would need to breathe or have a heart that beats.
118. (Jesus:) I have the power to create My angels and spirit beings as I desire, and usually their characteristics, or at least how I allow them to appear to you, are a representation of their power or their realm of service. Tola and Tor revealed themselves as made of gold, which symbolizes their great strength and power and the priceless gift of the keys. Archer has a bow and powerful arrows to show you his skill and accuracy in cutting the demons to the heart.
119. These beings, My Ilantri, show you their hearts, which are larger than normal, as a symbol of their power--how they have an extraordinary amount of love for children, and are commissioned to fill you with the same. If I can give you, My earthly children, hearts that beat, can I not also give such a thing to My spirit helpers, whether or not they need it to sustain life as you on Earth do? (End of message.)
2 Corinthians 10:3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 10:6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

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