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Holographic data storage for distributed applications.
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Dev Pulse 114 : Big Performance Boosts

Last week’s Holochain release brings improvements on many performance fronts. It tackles some database query inefficiencies, bringing some welcome reductions in RAM and CPU usage. Meanwhile, the developer community is exploring last the previous release’s breaking changes to validation, and have produced some materials worth watching if you’re trying to understand what these changes mean for your hApp.


* More thoughts on breaking changes, commitment to be more explicit about them
* Release notes for .128 (tl;dr: it goes faster)
* Release notes for .129 (maintenance work)
* Documentation work
* Updated tools
- Launcher
- holochain-runner
- Electron template
* Attestations lib
* Threaded comments lib
* Paul's thoughts on the dev community, Ivan Illich, and Tools for conviviality

Link to Dev Pulse 114 written by Paul : https://blog.holochain.org/big-performance-boosts/
In the latest Holochain in Action session, Connor from Sprillow demonstrates how to distribute your Holochain application using Electron.

Watch now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFraPKl2rPk

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🔥 The new Holochain Roadmap is now live! https://buff.ly/3LavazF

We’re entering a very exciting phase for Holochain and we’re excited to share the new Holochain Roadmap with you.

➡️ Let us know which milestone you can't wait for Holochain to reach.

Read the Holo Lead/Org update: https://buff.ly/3tCiY51
How do you explain Holo in 3 words?

Let us know in the comments of our Reddit thread 👇

Dev Pulse 116 : Developers Developers Developers Developers


- Holochain 0.0.132 release notes
* Unidirectional arcs
- AMA 50, developer focused
- Doom, a decentralised Zoom
- Wednesday Workshop: Posts hApp, built almost entirely from existing modules (built Medium in 1.5h, yay modularity)
- Flux update
- Call for feedback on Holochain terms
- DWeb webinar on privacy

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🚨Tomorrow's live Ecosystem Sessions with IOEN will be 1 hour earlier. We can't wait to see you all there. If you can't make it, we'll be sharing the recording just after the live stream. Tune in!

➡️ When: 20 April
➡️ Time: 9 am (UTC)
➡️ Set reminder: https://buff.ly/37vvdb1
“...yeah, Holochain is absurdly easy to play…”

Felipe, a community developer, has managed to put together a proof-of-concept for a peer-to-peer video chat #hApp in just one weekend.

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We’ve enjoyed seeing our community explaining Holochain to friends!

Now we'd like to know, how do you explain why Holochain matters?

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🐝 Dev Pulse 118 is here!

This week Paul brings the three latest Holochain releases, mostly maintenance work, and some quick updates on what the core team is doing right now.

Developers in the ecosystem are busy working on getting their products to a mature state. Check out the progress!

Get the full picture here: https://buff.ly/3shq4L1
Dev Pulse 119 : Launcher Launches New Features

This week we released a new version of #Holochain Launcher with a lot of new features and it is much more friendly to non-technical users.

👉 Read it all in Dev Pulse 119: https://buff.ly/37MoQk0
Web 3 Wednesdays : Episode 1 with Mary Camacho

Join Mary Camacho tomorrow in the 1st episode of Web 3 Wednesdays by Alchemy Pay where they will be Exploring web3 with industry experts. Tune in to their Youtube and don't miss out!

Original tweet :
📣 Calling all devs

Check out the details for the immersive #Holochain developer education program this July in Europe.

What: Holochain & Rust Developer Training
When: July 10th - July 22nd, 2022
Where: Austria
Learn more: https://buff.ly/3NdkAJT
Calling all full stack developers who want to build web3 apps!

The first #HolochainImmersive begins this July in Europe.

🌍 When: July 10th - July 22nd, 2022
🌏 Where: Austria
🌎 Apply: https://buff.ly/3NdkAJT
🔥Dev Pulse 120 is out!

This Dev Pulse unpacks the recently announced Developer Immersive in more detail, but don’t miss the other good stuff at the bottom! There’s a new Holochain Launcher release, some important breaking changes in the Tryorama testing framework, and videos and articles from around the community.

👉 Read here: https://buff.ly/3arRNCz
👉 Learn more: https://buff.ly/3NdkAJT
👉 Apply here: https://buff.ly/3xelNuN
🔈 Dev Pulse 121 is out with some big news!

The latest Holochain release brings a large and anticipated change, what will become the foundation for the 0.1.0 release of the HDK and the Stable Validation milestone.


- Holochain 0.0.144: Integrity/coordination split
- Holochain 0.0.145: Source chain name change
- Launcher 0.4.8: Improved DevHub UX
- DevHub 0.7.1: Improved hApp uploading UX
- News from around the ecosystem

… and more!

👉 Read it all here: buff.ly/3Nh8RJa