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q and a tomorrow night can any od the group go and ask an awkward question
Mine would be
on October 22nd last year the GBC published an article stating and i quote’ the number of cancer consultations on The Rock has seen a sharp increase, there were 1872 in 2018 but by the date of this article had risen to 5871, with it projected to be 7000 by the end of the year, a staggering 1 in 5 of the population, i have it on good authority that at least one of you knows the cause, but im pretty certain both of you do. What are the numbers this year and what are you going to do about it, as if this continues for just a few years all the rest of your discussions are meaningless as there will not be enough Gibraltarians left for it to matter, or will you just keep on fiddling while rome burns?
But not being local fat chance would give my ticket to someone who would ask it
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💉💰 ⚖️ Compensation - South Korea will compensate the families of people who died 90 days after an Anti-Covid vaccine injection - September 13, 2023

“SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: South Korea will compensate for deaths 90 days after Covid injection.

The families of all people who die within 90 days of vaccination against covid-19 will be compensated by the government.

South Korea has announced that it will compensate the families of ALL people who die within 90 days of covid vaccination, regardless of whether the vaccination itself has been confirmed to be the cause of death.

Families of those who died will be able to receive up to $22,500 in compensation.

Well, that's quite telling...
And here's something really interesting that I found when it comes to side effects that we don't really hear about in the mainstream media here.

It turns out that South Korea has recognized 11 different types of side effects caused by covid shots! This includes anaphylaxis, myocarditis and pericarditis.

They also list 15 other symptoms like Bell's palsy and uterine bleeding as potential side effects of the vaccine.

South Korea has received 96,000 complaints from people reporting side effects from the shots, and nearly 30% of those complaints have been upheld by the government.

Do you realize what this means?

This means that governments are well aware of the side effects of the injections....": -covid


📹 “The state is responsible for COVID-19 vaccine deaths”… Survivors’ reaction: “Half compensation” - MBN News 7 -:

"The party and government withdrew the lawsuit and offered compensation, saying that deaths that occurred after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine were the responsibility of the state. However, the bereaved families who were actually entitled to Aid workers protested, calling the measure unacceptable, turning a blind eye to helping the victims who, although not dead, were suffering from serious illness due to the after-effects. Journalist Choi Hee-ji covered the story….”
Media is too big
85,000 missing kids!
‼️French troops will be OUT of Niger by end of this year announces French Prez Macron.

Macron adds withdrawal will be orderly, trying not to weep while Niger cheers as France’s colonial past comes crumbling down.
Media is too big
‼️Thousands pouring down Oxford St on World March for Freedom
Oncologist and cancer researcher, Dr William Makis, is sounding the alarm on the sudden rise in “turbo cancers”, a recent term coined for the incredibly fast growing cancers found in COVID vaccinated individuals.
That’s right…
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WATCH: Bill Gates' recent instagram post said, "together we can transform our world by 2030."