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DAO Launchpad multi-chain, participate without kyc or staked tokens. simple and easy!

Website: https://app.everstart.io/projects
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#START token is on the FlatQube and EVER Wallet White List ⚡️

The EverStart.io launchpad token was added to the FlatQube and EVER Wallet White List. START will allow users to get a guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap on EverStart!

Stay tuned 👍

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#START token sale on EverStart 🔥

Token sale of the START token starts today on the EverStart launchpad.

START is an EverStart platform token that allows users to receive a guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap.

Token sale includes 160K START tokens, Soft Cap — 550K EVER, Hard Cap — 650K EVER.

Token sale kicks off at 14:00 (UTC).

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EverStart project tokenomics ⚡️

START is a native EverStart token that allows users to receive guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap. START is a deflationary token.

In our article, you will be able to learn more about why number of START tokens will decrease, as well as about the use of a token.

🔗 Link

Enjoy it!

You can get START here before 18.06.2022

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The Revoland project launchpad starts in 15 minutes ⚡️

To participate in the guaranteed allocation, you will need EVER Wallet (installation instructions are here). Go to FlatQube, exchange EVER for START, you need 1% of the deposit on EverStart.io. When depositing, do not forget to tick the guaranteed allocation!


🔗 Use of the START token

Token sale runs until 20.06.22, 15:00 (UTC).

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#START listing on FlatQube 🔥

Trading in WEVER/START pair has started on FlatQube.io!

Also today the START token sale has finished, the Hard Cap was exceeded by 886.05k EVER. Participants received tokens at the rate of $0.52.

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Changes in the START tokenomics ⚡️

The current START tokenomics have not worked properly in a bear market and need to be strengthened. The EverStart team will spend 50% of the launchpad's revenue on buying and burning the project's token.

Together with Everscale DeFi Alliance, we are actively engaged in the search and attraction of promising projects in Everscale and the launchpad. We will announce the first of them soon.

START farming will be launched with improved market conditions and stable support for the token by liquidity through changes in tokenomics.

Thank you for being with us!