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DAO Launchpad multi-chain, participate without kyc or staked tokens. simple and easy!

Website: https://app.everstart.io/projects
Chat: https://tttttt.me/everstart_chat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ever_start
Discord: https://discord.gg/WfYV5z9DbF
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Revoland IDO on EverStart.io 🔥

Revoland is a P2E MOBA Esports game. It is about the combination of personal skills and teamwork, giving users the opportunity to challenge themselves with various game modes.

On the EverStart launchpad there will be token sale 83,333 #REVO

The launchpad starts 18.06, 15:00 (UTC), ends 20.06, 15:00 (UTC).

#ever #everscale #tokensale #revoland
Revoland token sale deposits totaled $742K 🔥

You can get Revoland tokens in Binance Smart Chain via OctusBridge.io. The token is already trading at $1.47.

During the launchpad, 322 START tokens were burned.

#everstart #revoland #tokensale
NFT boxes from Revoland sale 📦

On the everstart.io platform, you can purchase rare NFT boxes from the Revoland game. The minimum price is $80, the maximum is $240. Sale will end on June 30!

#nft #revoland #everstart