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A few things to keep an eye on.
Buy limit activated. Stop hunt low from previous day into a demand zone. SL in profit soon. My reasoning is , as GBP as been extremely bullish, even after these volatile movements we haven’t broke any significant lows. My bias is still bullish, however, if price does want to move further down I believe it will move upward first. Seek the stop hunts, those are entries and exits. 🔥
Closed the position completely due to red folder news tonight, TP smacked at 1.38900
Currently taking a 3 pip SL. If it stays under 3900 that’s $30 risk for a $300 gain. Small risk large rewards. Still bullish though, but if it goes it goes, only 3 pip risk on this one.
If price continues bullish I expect a reentry for a buy around 1.3900 as a retest.
Beautiful drop out of the POI. No DD. Beautiful set up. Yellow line was my trading view alert.
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What’s up everyone. It’s been a while. I’ve got some news coming up soon 👀