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​​Where to spend the crypto currency at the 2018 World Cup?

In Moscow, there are many stores that accept cryptocurrency:

• Car mats 3D Sotra,
• Cosmetics and body care products Firmingel,
• Sex Shop Love & Magic,
• Tea and coffee Teacube.
​​Football fans who come to Kaliningrad for the 2018 FIFA world Cup will be able to pay with bitcoins for hotel accommodation. In Kaliningrad, teams and fans from 8 countries (Spain, Belgium, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Croatia, Morocco and Nigeria) are expected to arrive, and booking a room on the day of the match England-Belgium will cost about $300.
​​It has become known about the negotiations between Value Convergence and BTCC mining pool. Allegedly the first want to buy, and the second to sell 49% of the mining pool. The amount of the transaction is estimated at $17 million.
Value Convergence (VC) is a securities broker and asset Manager. According to insider information, it offered 147 million Hong Kong dollars to own 49% BTCC Pool. Such information is published in the Protocol of understanding from BTCC Pool.
​​The family bakery called Bake Cupcake became the first bakery in Russia where you can pay for the purchase with bitcoin.
The company's office is located in Moscow, at the metro station Rechnoy Vokzal, Smolnaya str., 29. A bakery works by order and deliver by courier. On the site of Bake Cupcake the methods of payment are described, including payment by bitcoin.
​​Lawyers of Skolkovo Legal, a subsidiary of the Skolkovo Foundation, have developed a draft law that will regulate the relations between the parties using smart contracts.
The document States that the conclusion of an electronic contract will be legally equated to the transaction in writing and fits into the framework of the Civil legislation of the Russian Federation.
The main objectives of the draft law are to enable companies to interact freely through digital channels, to build trust in the electronic environment and to give impetus to the development of digital infrastructure in Russia.
​​Ant Financial company, owned by Alibaba Group, has launched testing of the money transfer service based on blockchain technology.
The pilot launch was successful, showing the speed of funds transfer in just three seconds. The recipients of the first transactions were the AliPayHK service from Hong Kong and the application from the Philippine payment company GCash. After successful tests, the service will be available in Hong Kong and the Philippines, and the Hong Kong giant Bank Standard Chartered will become the money transfer operator. In the future, and Financial plans to create such a service and outside of these countries.
​​The research division of the Chinese Central Bank filed more than 40 patents in the field of crypto-currencies and their implementation into the traditional financial system.
Perhaps it will be a hybrid of traditional currency and digital money. Because this direction has most of the patents registered by the state intellectual property office of China.
​​There are rumours in the network that the company Facebook is interested in buying Coinbase.
For the first time this news has appeared in The Economist publication, however, both companies did not give a clear commentary, confirming the impending deal.
According to experts, the purchase of Cionbase by the Internet giant will be beneficial for both parties: the event will add value to Facebook, and the participation of such a large and significant company in the blockchain industry will give it a boost in development and add legitimacy.
​​Large internet-retailers and payment giants are massively refusing to accept cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin boycott has already been announced by such major players as Amazon, Alibaba and PayPal. According to the representatives of these companies, the most important reason is the instability and high volatility of the BTC rate.
​​​​4The new Lightning wallet for sellers is available
CoinGate company promises to launch Lightning wallet for sellers on the Internet from July 1. This will be a test launch for a limited group.
The Lithuanian company CoinGate has announced the emergence of a wallet built on LN technology that will allow merchants to accept bitcoins as payment. And immediately receive them in their account.
The wallet will be launched from July 1 for a limited group of Colgate customers. Test launch will help to find out the flaws and bugs, and then the wallet will fall into the main network.
​​In Russia, the first-of-its-kind gaming computer with a cryptocurrency mining regime has been created.
The device was called Cashbox X-Gaming and embodied the properties of a powerful gaming PC and altcoins miner.
The computer has three modes-working, gaming and mining modes, which can be switched according to the planned activity on the device.
According to the developers, Cashbox X-Gaming can mine 0.23 Ethereum per month.
The head of the company “Crypto technology” Anton Sobin said:
“We have developed the x-GAMING CashBox. Its essence is that a student or a schoolboy can play any games after classes, use glasses for virtual reality and so on, and at night, in the morning and while he is in the classroom, the computer is used as a miner and mined cryptocurrency. Thus, he can earn an average of 5-8 and more than thousand rubles per month for pocket expenses. There is no such equipment in the world. We are the first who invented the game miner. And now we will bring it to the market of Russia, Asia and Europe.”
​​The ICO assessment resource estimated that about 70% of the tokens from the projects that have raised funds this year are not listed on the exchanges. And most likely, they will not.
​​​​In the Network the information appeared about the fact that the flood has destroyed a large mining farm in China's Sichuan province.
In particular, the CNN publication, cites the tweet of Eric Melzer, a partner focused on the Chinese market blockchain Fund INBlockchain:
​​​​#selling factory for the production of modular premises and metal constructures. 6000 m2 of industrial premises. 6.55 hectares of land.

- Location - Vilnius;
- 800 meters of highway;
- 20 megawatts of El. en.;
- Energy price - 0.06 cents;
- Average annual temperature is very advantageous for the installation of mining equipment;
- The farm of 55 asiks is working now.

Price - 526 Btc (at the rate of 7,600 euros.)
For all the details - [email protected] (Anatoly)
CHANEL handbag
Gorgeous Chanel in lux! Quality 1:1 as original. Gift decoration. Size 28 cm. New brand, from the factory. Cult handbag.
The price - is 0.07 BTC.
The rate - is $7600

Louis Vuitton Bag
Favorite Poshet Metiz LV.
25cm, gift decoration.
The price - is 0.038 BTC.
The rate - is $7600

Petite Malle — a petite trunk from Louis Vuitton
Luxury performance 1: 1, indistinguishable from the original. Gift decoration.
The price - is 0.038 BTC.
The rate - is $7600

Seller - @lampminer
​​LSU named after Pushkin, Leningrad chamber of Commerce and the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain are preparing a joint project concept governing the use of technology in Leningrad region.
The document will include sections on crowdfunding, the implementation of blockchain into business and tax benefit for entrepreneurs in the field of cryptocurrency. The document will be considered in autumn at the regional level, and then pass to the Federal authorities.
​​The developers have presented a beta version of the multi-currency wallet Jaxx Liberty.
There is a function of ranking virtual assets by capitalization - very similar to the option on the website Coinmarketcap. The volume of the product for Windows is more than 300 MB.
The developer also offers a test product for Android and iOS devices, which can be downloaded in the company's stores. As for computer variations, they are available for Windows and Mac, and for Linux and Chrome it will be released before the end of July.
​​The Russian petroleum products trading company "Petroleum Trading" reported that it plans to conduct all agreements solely on blockсhain. For this, the Proleum platform will be used, which has already proved its effectiveness.
​​5 July 2018 cryptomarketplace Storiqa will release a prototype of a multi-currency wallet Storiqa Wallet and cryptocurrency STQ will be available on the EXMO exchange.

The goal of Storiqa is to give small producers the opportunity to enter the international market. The company uses blockchain technology to create a system of honest feedbacks of products, and a multi-currency wallet will simplify international payments and reduce the barrier between sellers and buyers from different countries.
​​The price of RAM memory from EOS took off to the moon before the project itself.
It happened because the manufacturers of the blocks in the EOS network has reserved a large part of RAM memory to suit their needs. As it is known, the deficit generates high demand and high price. Only 3.06.18 the cost of RAM in just a day increased four times and now is about 0.69659085 EOS for 1 KB. (A few days ago, 1 KB RAM cost only 0,15 EOS)