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Welcome to the world of crypto insurance! πŸ™Œ
It's the official channel of the CDST project!

What we write about is here:
πŸ†• Fresh news about the CDST project,
πŸ’‘ Ideas and advice on how to insure profitably your:
- trading deposit,
- investments in a business or a highly profitable project,
- other risky operations.
πŸ’Ά And also - instructions on how to build monthly passive income.

Each user has access to income in the form of a bonus commission from each transaction of CDST tokens through staking. πŸ“©

The profitability of the CDST token is provided by the sale of unique insurance hedging services. πŸ” They are bought by traders and investors to insure investments and trading risks. πŸ’± When investing or trading, people constantly face the risks of losing their deposit, and here we come to the rescue. If you are familiar with this, then you'll find our solution helpful.

❗️ The CDST project token is already being traded on the exchange, helps insure financial transactions today, and brings monthly passive income to users right now.

The project is growing because we have taken up a niche with a long overdue demand, and we are developing using new disruptive ideas in insurance. 🧠

Your attention, reading, commenting and using CDST helps to develop our business and crypto industry at large, bringing additional income. As a result, you receive rewards in your crypto wallet. πŸ‘›

We are sure that it will be fun and useful for you here, let's go our way! 🀝

❓ You can't describe it all in just one post, so we tried and collected for you all the useful materials about the CDST project:

πŸ”Ή Website and personal account
πŸ”Ή Whitepaper
πŸ”Ή Our Twitter
πŸ”Ή Our Reddit
πŸ”Ή Our BitcoinTalk Thread
πŸ”Ή Official English-language CDST channel
πŸ”Ή What is CDST?
πŸ”Ή How to make money with CDST?
πŸ”Ή Instructions in our Medium blog.
How to sign up for an account?
How to buy CDST?
How to connect WAVES wallet?
How to stake CDST?
How to insure your risks with?
How to withdraw income?

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» If you have any questions, feel free to address our technical support, and our specialists will help you.
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3️⃣ Fresh news from the world of cryptocurrencies and finance.
4️⃣ Live broadcasts, cool events and more.

Let's fill together our community with people who are focused on their own well-being, income growth and want to always be in the trend of new finances! πŸš€
Hello everyone and welcome to the table! We've cut a ta-a-a-a-asty and rich presentation for you! πŸ“„πŸ‘

We explained how the CDST ecosystem works in a colorful and lucid way. We touched on:
⭐️ Complete conditions and mechanics of work,
⭐️ Specific staking use cases
⭐️ Explained the reasons and prospects for the growth of the token price rate and for our business.

We packed all this into a bright presentation, not overloaded with letters, with a clear structure and table of contents.
Follow the buttons below the post.

Are you ready to work on your finances?
❓ What is CDST and why is it beneficial?
And how to work with it? πŸ€”

Both of these solutions are already working: register on the site (, get passive income, insure risky investments, become richer and achieve your goals!❓ What is CDST and how does it benefit users? How to work with it? πŸ€”

CDST is a token on the WAVES blockchain πŸ”·. It is already being traded on the Waves.Exchange. Experienced financial market participants know how to use CDST wisely, so that it could save from losses and generate regular income. πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Let's look at both use cases below - risk hedging and CDST staking.

Insurance hedging with CDST token. Our company hedges the risks of traders and investors by selling the CDST token. Here's the situation: imagine that you have opened an account with a broker to trade forex. πŸ’± Further, one "fine" day you lose your deposit from a sharp fall in the market, or, suddenly, the forex broker has declared itself a bankrupt. 😳 Such and similar cases occur all the time.

πŸ†• The novelty of our offer is that before you start trading or investing, you insure your deposit by buying CDST at a certain personal price. In essence, it's like an insurance futures. It works this way: you pay an insurance premium (for example, 15% of the deposit) and for this amount you will be given the equivalent of your deposit in CDST at the current market price. If an insured event occurs, you will get access to this amount, and you will be able to sell CDST tokens on the exchange.

CDST Staking. Our project provides an opportunity to receive passive income from your funds. Staking works like this: you purchase CSDTs and store them in your personal account, on your wallet. The goal is to receive an interest that is a commission from all the CDST transactions during the current 30 days. It is given in return for your funds storage for a month. πŸ’° Add tokens to staking or withdraw them from there anytime you need it.

Both of these solutions are already working: sign up on our website (, get passive income, insure risky investments, become richer and achieve your goals!
How to distinguish investment pyramids and insure your participation in them? πŸ”Ί

As a rule, the life cycle of a typical pyramid depends on how many new users - attention ❗️ - invited by other users, bring money to such a project. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ Pyramid projects usually claim that income is generated by some intangible product, details about which are carefully hidden. 🚫 The founders of such projects skillfully avoid direct questions about the details of how the product works. πŸ™Š

In fact, in the vast majority of cases, recommendation mechanics are at the heart of such projects. πŸ—£ Even if there are some basic packages, their profitability dramatically pales in comparison with the payments promised for invitations. "Invite your friends, and for each you will get XXX to the end." 😏
To provide payouts to those who are the first (at the head of the pyramid), the project uses most of the money from new invited users and distributes it among the "early investors". πŸ€‘ And, as we understand it, this cannot continue indefinitely: sooner or later it becomes impossible to pay the promised profitability, because the flow of people is not enough. πŸ‘Ž At this point, the project, as a rule, "collapses" πŸ’₯ in one way or another.
Often, the sites of such projects do not have legal details, that is, ordinary individuals are behind the projects, and if any data is written, then usually these are suspicious jurisdictions, and you will not find information about this company even on the Internet. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

☝️It is important, however, to say. that the mere presence of referral bonuses is not always a 100% indicator that the project is a pyramid. Many banks, mobile operators and thousands of other companies offer referral bonus rewards. But none of them promises disproportionately large payments, otherwise it devalues ​​the product itself, and most often indicates that there is no product at all.

😏 Many people still find investment in such projects promising. In some, you can actually get some kind of profitability, especially if you entered the project at an early stage. But, of course, such projects involve a colossal level of risk. Be careful, and if you are ready to embark on an adventure, certainly do not invest your last money in such projects and be sure to insure your deposit with CDST.

🟒 There is no referral structure in the CDST project, and we do not promise additional income for each new invited user.
We are an open company registered in Estonia πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ͺ - a progressive European jurisdiction that is rapidly developing its IT sector.

Register to apply -
Contact support -
⏬ Instructions for registration ⏬
How do I create a personal account on the CDST platform in order to earn money on staking or apply for insurance?

πŸ—£ We are asked this question 20 times a day, so we wrote clear instructions with screenshots to make it easy for you to figure it out.
The platform is simple and intuitive, but we made sure that really everyone could do everything in a few clicks. πŸ‘Œ

If you still have any questions, please contact our support team
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’ΌπŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό Basic concepts in insurance business that will be useful to everyone πŸ‘‡

Most people overestimate the benefits and underestimate the likelihood of risks. It is natural for people to be optimistic about their future. But we still have troubles in different areas of life. There are so many of them that it is important not only to hope, but also to be sure that if a problem occurs, we will get help.

The insurance sector is represented by businesses that organize such assistance: compensation for losses resulting from adverse events. The concepts used in this area are often confusing to untrained people. Despite the fact that in Russia people are not accustomed to insuring financial risks and even life, people often meet insurance products against their will, for example, because of compulsory motor third party liability insurance, as well as when receiving loans. Let's see what is called in the insurance business.

🏒 Companies that reimburse losses are called insurers. And those people who want to receive payment are called the insured. If it's a classical insurance, they hold a policy so they are also called policyholders. These words are often confused. These insured people can get the refund only if the unpleasant incident against which the insurance is purchased occurs. Therefore, the event is called insured, and the payment is also insured.

πŸ’Έ In addition to insurance payments, people also use the concept of insurance premium. What is the difference: the insurance premium is the money that the policyholder pays to the insurer in order to subsequently receive the payment. The concepts of "premium" and "premium" in commercial insurance have little distinction, which adds confusion to the vocabulary. In addition, the term "insured amount" is often encountered - this, in turn, is the amount of the insurance premium and the maximum amount of the insurance payment.

As you can see above, insurance payments vary from case to case - sometimes it is the maximum possible amount, sometimes it is less than the insured amount. The amount of the payment depends on the conditions in each specific case. It is important to mention two more concepts here: insurance value and insurance deductible.

πŸ’° Insurable value is the value of the insured property. For example, if you insure a home, the insured value is the monetary equivalent of the value of the home. The insured value is important in that it often limits the amount of the insurance benefit.
The terms of the contract also often contain a mention of the insurance deductible. The insurance deductible is the part of the insured's losses that the insurer does not reimburse him for. The franchise can be conditional and unconditional. They also distinguish between temporary and cumulative deductibles and the minimum amount of damage covered by insurance coverage.

πŸ“¬ Forward this post to friends who have car or life insurance. Those who travel or take out a loan, as well as those who trade on stock exchanges, invest in start-ups or highly profitable projects. It will definitely be useful. πŸ˜‰
About investments in simple words and about the difference between the residents of Russia and other countries.

People are greatly mistaken when they talk about investments as something difficult and inaccessible. In fact, it is easier than it sounds. So what is investing? Let's figure it out. Investing is the placement of capital for the purpose of making a profit. Simply put, you don't have to work, but you can still get money. If your income consists only of your salary, then it is time to learn an additional way of making a profit. Every person needs to learn how to manage finances and be able to increase investments. Most people periodically think about saving and achieving financial freedom, guaranteeing a comfortable old age, investing in the future.

Knowledge of the main principles will allow you to competently manage finances, and at the same time build up capital. Money is a tool, so why not use it? Investing also helps save money. Money in a savings account is subject to inflation, that is, it depreciates and loses its purchasing power.

Everyone can invest. There is a stereotype that in order to invest a large amount of funds is needed - this is not true. You can start investing from $ 50. In developed countries, investors are ordinary people. Up to 80% of Americans invest in shares of large companies and receive dividends on them. For comparison, in countries such as the Russian Federation,
Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey this figure is 1%; In the United States, the volume of investments in investment funds is twice as large as the volume of bank deposits;

It turns out that while you are minding your own business, your money is working for you. Income from investments exceeding wages in volume is not a fairy tale, but real statistics. Don't think that only wealthy and influential people become investors. Every person can do it.
Last week's news, as well as upcoming news events.

πŸ”—The fall of the Solana network. The Solana network experienced an outage that caused the blockchain to stop processing transactions.

πŸ“ˆThe total market capitalization of the stablecoin market exceeded $ 120 billion. More than half of the supply (~ $ 72 billion) falls on the segment leader, Tether (USDT).

πŸ—ΏThis week, a statue of the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, who disappeared more than ten years ago, on April 26, 2011, was erected in Budapest.

βš–οΈThe US Exchange Futures Trading Commission will check the Bitcoin exchange Binance for insider trading and market manipulation, writes Bloomberg.
The press service of Binance has already declared the inadmissibility of insider trading and talked about strict corporate rules to prevent possible violations.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦The law "On Virtual Assets" adopted in Ukraine allows Ukrainian and foreign companies to work with cryptocurrency, and mining farms and DeFi projects to obtain licenses

βš™οΈ NFT is not a way to launder money or a type of ICO, but the key to Internet 3.0 and the new digital economy

πŸ“ŒCoinbase added SHIB to listing. Token price skyrocketed by more than 30%

πŸ”‘An unknown person withdrew 100 ETH ($ 345,385 at the time of the transaction) from the wallet of the WEX bitcoin exchange, but then returned them. The funds went to Binance.
This is the first withdrawal of funds from the wallet of a bankrupt exchange in the last three years. Its total balance currently stands at 9,916 ETH ($ 34.2 million).

πŸ‡±πŸ‡¦Lao authorities have legalized mining and cryptocurrency trading.

πŸ’°Avalanche Foundation Raises $ 230 Million in Private Tokensale

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈU.S. Congress upholds amendments to tax loopholes in crypto transaction reporting.
We report on CDST Performance for the last week # 38 from 09/13/21 to 08/19/21!

$CDST Price: 1.35 USDN (at WAVES Exchange)

πŸ“„πŸ“ˆ New hedging applications:
🟒 27

πŸ—£ PR:
🟒 Contacted with a collaboration request
🟒 Launched our English-language Telegram channel @cdst_eng
🟒 Prepared all materials for verification @WavesDAO.

This is not only a status goal. This is important because it'll be much easier for Waves Exchange users to find our token on the platform and trade more easily.
We will keep you updated! ✌️
Key project objectives for this week # 38: sharing important things!

We believe that sharing how the project is going with the community is very important.
So you will see what is happening behind the scenes and understand how the work is structured inside, where we are going and what we are doing for this. And it helps us to keep the right course, get feedback and stay highly motivated,

🟩 A) We send a request for verification on the Waves Exchange via @WAVESDAO

🟩 B) We continue communication with the Waves Association about cooperation

🟩 C) We update WhitePaper and release a new RoadMap

🟩 D) We publish the terms of participation in our token sale (IEO on Waves Exchange)

🟩 E) We send applications for placement on ICO aggregator platforms

🟩 F) We publish instructions on how to start staking on the platform

🟩 G) We are announcing the announcement of the staking contest - we recommend that you pay attention to this, because you will definitely like the prize πŸ€‘

Next week we will report on what came of it! ✌️

πŸ€– Send all your questions and inquiries to feedback bot πŸ‘‰ @CDST_eng_support_bot
πŸ“¬ Or contact us via the email:
How to Buy CDST?

The CDST token is already available on Waves.Exchange. And in order to stake CDST at interest, you first need to buy CDST. Luckily, you don't need a broker to access cryptoasset trading. And in fact, buying a CDST is not difficult at all.
We understand that not everyone is familiar with how crypto exchanges work, and perhaps someone thinks that this will be a slow, dreary process.
We decided to dispel these doubts and developed simple instruction: How to register on Waves.Exchange and buy CDST

Reading will take only 5 minutes and you will do all the operations in 10 minutes if you follow the instructions.

If you have any difficulties or questions - write to
πŸ€– Or our Telegram support bot
Okay, Google, how to get X10 in one month? Take part in a giveaway! Details πŸ‘‡

Since 01.12.21 staking threshold will become 1000 CDST, and we won't accept smaller deposits after that. Many have already tried this tool out with different sums - from $10 to $1000 (medium deposit worths now about $350 in $CDST). But we know for sure that there are those who postpone the idea of trying staking for a "better moment" (which usually never appers).

Here's an excellent opportunity for everyone:

1) Buy $CDST and lock at least 100 $CDST for staking.

2) On the moment of determining the winner at least 100 $CDST should be on staking account.

3) One winner will receive 1000 $CDST! It's 1.350 $USD worth now! What the winner will do with them - reinvest, wait for the best price or sell immediately on the exchange is his/her business. We will define the winner with a random generator on 01.12.21

4) Important: You don't have to keep your money 30 days to win. But according to the rules for staking income calculation - only those amounts that will be in the deposit for more than 30 days will receive bonus accruals from all $CDST transactions from 1 to 5 day after a month of locking.

If you have any questions, write us by sending message to a bot:
πŸ€– @cdst_support_bot,
or by mail:
We will answer every single message.
Deposit to staking so that you get interest? This is done in a few clicks. We explain how in this manual.

πŸ—£ It looks like the 1000 CDST motivation was liked by many. Over the past few days, we have been inundated with questions about how to stake a deposit. We answered all the requests, and as a result, we developed an easy-to-understand instruction with screenshots.
We remind you that now you can deposit any amount of CDSTs for staking, and from 01.12.21 the threshold will be from 1000 CDST.

For those who missed it - what staking gives in a nutshell:
Staking is the accrual of profitable interest in CDST on your CDST deposit. The settlement base is 1% of all CDST transactions in 30 days. An amount equal to this value is allocated from a separate fund and distributed between staking participants in proportion to the size of your deposit relative to the total amount of deposits in staking πŸ‘Œ

You can read more about how staking works in our presentation.

If you still have any questions, feel free to write to our support service
Or to the telegram bot for feedback and support - @cdst_eng_support_bot.

❗️Cryptocurrencies have rapidly burst into our quiet life. Over 52 million people find ways to get rich with the help of cryptocurrencies, and the Internet is replete with information about how to make money on the growth of bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is called e-money, but not all e-money is cryptocurrency. Conservative people don't trust cryptocurrency, because it can't be held in their hands, and still believe that it is used only in the shadow industry. However, this is not the case: banks are introducing cryptocurrency technologies for making payments today. It pays off in the gaming industry, legal services, logistics operations around the world, and this is just the beginning.

βœ…Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited, and this distinguishes it from conventional money. It is protected by encryption and due to the principle of organizing the translation, it will not work to falsify it. For fiat, that is, traditional, currency, electronic form is a form of physical embodiment of printed money. In order for such money to appear on the account in electronic form, they are first physically released, then they are deposited into the account through a bank, payment terminal or in another way. This is not the case with cryptocurrency: it is issued directly on the network and has nothing to do with state currency systems. True, more and more states declare that they are going to issue new money based on cryptocurrencies.

πŸ“ˆIt's important that cryptocurrencies act not only as a means of payment, but also as a way of investing and preserving capital - over the past months, cryptocurrencies have risen in price, which makes us look at them as a high-risk way of earning money.
​​Some of the stakers will receive 1000 $CDST bonus on 12/01/21!
 it could be you.

We are pleased to see how the number of users is growing - which means that we are on the right track.

To qualify for 1,000 $CDST, you need to put to stake at least 100 $CDST! Just like that.

Starting from 12/01/21, the staking entry threshold will be 1000 $CDST, so if you want to not only win a good bonus to your portfolio, but also make use of time to get a profitable percentage, we recommend you to hurry up.

If you still have any questions, our feedback bot will help you πŸ™‚

Instructions for signing up on the platform, setting up an account on the exchange, buying CDST and staking are below the post ⬇️
Submitted an application for IEO listing for at Exmo

We continue working on $CDST tokensale campaign on high-quality and trusted platforms, and this process is not fast.

Exmo is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Eastern Europe that accepts fiat currencies, including Russian rubles along with USD, EUR and 2 more.

According to, EXMO is on the 56th place out of more than 300 at the moment in terms of total Spot Exchange Scores.

This exchange is visited more than 588 thousand times per week.

We hope to have a great dialogue from EXMO, and learn their conditions, but while the negotiation process is underway, don't miss the opportunity to buy $CDST at the pre-sale stage before the start of IEO.

This can be done on the

Instructions on how to sign-up there and buy $CDST in advance is πŸ‘‰ here.
How to bind your WAVES wallet to the CDST platform?

Without this linking, staking and buying insurance would be impossible, and all you can do with $CDST is to trade or invest it via the exchange.

We will help you open all the functionality of the platform in this guideline, that is as simple as ABC.

πŸ“– Reading time: 3 minutes.
πŸ‘› Wallet binding time: 5 minutes.

Do it now for your convenience, so you don't come back to this question later.

This instruction and the entire warehouse of instructions on the links below πŸ‘‡
We filed an application for having the IEO at one more exchange - ProBit πŸ’ͺ

ProBit is a cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2018, now occupying a noticeable 32nd place out of 307 according to Coinmarketcap in terms of aggregate parameters.

The 24hrs volume of trades on it is $ 230,264,167. It is visited by 541 thousand people a week (according to Similarweb).

We haven't received a response on the previous application from EXMO so far. But we continue to knock on the doors of various companies. We understand that on the part of exchanges, processing requests takes a significant amount of time.

Stay in touch and you'll be among the first to find out that the IEO has launched and on which exchange/-s it will be conducted!

In the meantime, take part in the early buying - purchase $CDST beforehand.

You can buy $CDST on the Waves Exchage.
​​CDST is live on!
We've been listed by a large and rapidly developing information portal about cryptocurrencies.

We are pleasantly excited about this news and happy to share it. Now, you can follow the $CDST price, trading volumes and other criteria - all here, at:

We appreciate Nomics's contribution to the industry! We're living in a decentralized world, and there shouldn't be just one source of cryptocurrency data.
And Nomics has a super user-friendly interface, btw! is a company based in Minneapolis, USA.
Nomics publishes data on cryptoassets and exchanges for crypto investors of various levels.

Come visit us on this portal, bookmark us and the great is yet to come!