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We are experimenting a new feature on Callback. BSC contracts are checked before any promo, the contract section contains now "scanned" or "not-scanned" tag and contract is filtered if it's scanned and not enough safu. There is still some improvements to do on that part but feel free to let us know if you have any feedback.

Thanks to Stay Safu team for helping us improving our Callback solution.
Everyone, we are glad to announce HYP3 X CALLBACK partnership 🔥

Started earlier this month, HYP3 is providing a bot to check the latest trending projects on crypto space. With Callback project owners get more visibility on call channels and lounge.

This partnership is an opportunity for both of our projects to became more famous, providing more quickly our useful utilities and helping each others for futher developments.

We encourage everyone to have a look at HYP3, the bot @HYP3ETHBOT is already available.
Try it and setup this one on your own telegram group.

tg: @HYP3Eth

tg: @Callback_Official
🔜 New Callback feature soooon

Multi selection, payments and posts will be available within few days. Backend is working fine, now I'm updating frontend part 💪
GM guys, @hitmans_lounge is now available on
The multi selection (ak bulk calls) feature is now available!

🔥 1 click payment for many calls 🔥

So basically here is the changes:
- You can select many telegram and pay in 1 click
- Simple transaction and cheaper amount for payments
- Buyback and burn will be generated from dApp revenues

As you can see we also allow you to click on @ to see the related telegram where the post will be sent.
We always invite you to check how your post will look like by clicking on "Test it!", when you ready you can click on "Pay" button!

There is still so many things to achieve in Callback project and we are super excited for the upcoming innovations!
Whats the next feature you really want to see?
Forwarded from Dex Channel
Congratulations! Winner of the DEXBUILDER FREE SWAP POLL

78th Dex Delivered From Bot

Dex Link :-

we burned $20 worth tokens. tx here :

TG : @CallbackChannel

Option 1 : For a custom swap using our domain, you will need to burn $20 worth of $SWAP tokens.

Option 2 : If you would also like a custom domain, you will need to burn a total of $40 worth of $SWAP tokens
Hi everyone, @richduckofficial is now available on
Today we sold more than $400 worth of promo/posts on our Dapp and I would like to thank our users.

We are still working on making Callback better every day! I can't wait to reveal new improvements and partnerships to you 😎
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Hi everyone! Here is new channels listed on @SquidwardsCallz and @Zerotwocalls
Hello fam! Have you seen this tweet yet?

Yes, I'm also honing my AI skills and I will bring additional innovation to Callback :)
Hi everyone! Since March (and our latest major update), more than 100 paid promo has been done through the dapp!

Just so you know:
- Our bot @ColeBackBot will be updated with new commands, AI capable and some surprises (tba)
- On UI you will have a new indicators to rate each channels for our users, so they know how many people they reach (tba)
- We have a new listing today, welcome to @andycryptoreviews
Hi everyone, I got a small question for you guys, do you use mainly ETH or BNB in your crypto journey?
Are you using mainly ETH or BNB ?
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Hi guys, please use "test button" before any payments, so you know if your promo will be published correctly.
Let me know if you got any issues, i'm currently improving the tool.
A little message to let you know that I'm working hard on this project. To answer frequent questions, yes, a migration to ETH is being considered. Yes, there will be new features and you'll love them. Since 2 months now, I've increased security checks regarding contracts, so please put your contract in promo post only if they reach more than 90/100 on token sniffer or similar tools.

Also good to mention, one of our French partners also suggested listing their call channel dedicated to low caps, so you can find @first_calls on the Callback app: