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πŸ“Œ mByPass Version 1.09 Released on 9th February 2021
πŸ’’ Login Screen Improve
πŸ’’ Change Password Unlimited Time
πŸ’’ Change Hardware ID (HWID) 1 Year 3 Time
πŸ’’ Some minor bug fixes
πŸ“Œ Miracle Xiaomi Login Edition 1.55
Released on (10th February 2021)

Br [SV] Miracle Team
πŸ“Œ Miracle Ninja Box Powerful eMMC Repair Box
Version 1.43 (10th February 2021)

Br [SV] Miracle Team
mBYpass Tool Free FMI Check Soon in New Updates


mBYpass Tool Version 1.11
# Add FMI Checker (Beta)
# Connection Bug Fixed
Br [SV] Miracle Team
Our Paypal is Working Back
Please after Pay send
details to miracleteam@outlok.com
Miracle Server Down
Sorry for inconvenience
Soon will be Ok
Miracle schematics tool every day auto update, jus we no make report

Update Hardware Solutions For Xiaomi
-Redmi 8A
-Redmi 9A
-Redmi Note 6 Pro

Update Hardware Solutions For Xiaomi
-Redmi 6A
-Redmi 6 Pro
SM-A105F Schematic
SM-A105G Schematic
SM-A105M Schematic
SM-A105N Schematic
SM-A205F Schematic
SM-A205G Schematic
SM-A205U Schematic
SM-A300F Schematic
SM-A300FU Schematic
SM-A307F Schematic
SM-A505FM Schematic
SM-A505FN Schematic
SM-A505G Schematic
SM-A505GT Schematic
SM-A505YN Schematic
SM-A600GN Schematic
SM-A600N Schematic
SM-C900F Schematic
SM-G130E Schematic
SM-G130H Schematic
SM-G160F Schematic
SM-G165N Schematic
SM-G361HU Schematic
SM-G530T Schematic
SM-G531F Schematic
SM-G611F Schematic
SM-G800Y Schematic
SM-G900F Schematic
SM-G928A Schematic
SM-G928C Schematic
SM-G928F Schematic
SM-G928I Schematic
SM-G928W Schematic
SM-G930V Schematic
SM-G955F Schematic
SM-G955U Schematic
SM-G960F Schematic
SM-J410F Schematic
SM-J415F Schematic
SM-J415FN Schematic
SM-J415G Schematic
SM-J415GN Schematic
SM-J510F Schematic
SM-J710F Schematic
SM-J737P Schematic
SM-N976B Schematic
SM-N976F Schematic
SM-P350 Schematic
SM-P355 Schematic
SM-P355M Schematic
SM-P550 Schematic
SM-P585 Schematic
SM-R350 Schematic
SM-R360 Schematic
SM-R365 Schematic
SM-R380 Schematic
SM-R381 Schematic
SM-R750 Schematic
SM-R800 Schematic
SM-R805 Schematic
SM-R815 Schematic
SM-S120 Schematic
SM-S767 Schematic
SM-T37 Schematic
SM-T111 Schematic
SM-T116 Schematic
SM-T116NU Schematic
SM-T210 Schematic
SM-T210R Schematic
SM-T211 Schematic
SM-T230 Schematic
SM-T230N Schematic
SM-T230NW Schematic
SM-T230NZ Schematic
SM-T231 Schematic
SM-T235 Schematic
SM-T331 Schematic
SM-T335 Schematic
SM-T337A Schematic
SM-T350 Schematic
SM-T355 Schematic
SM-T357W Schematic
SM-T595 Schematic
SM-T818T Schematic
SM-T819 Schematic
SM-T819Y Schematic
SM-T830 Schematic
SM-T837 Schematic
SM-T3777 Schematic
SM-W728Y Schematic
Miracle Schematics Tool
Update Hardware Solutions For Vivo
Miracle Schematics Tool
Update 01 March 2021
βœ…Hardware Solutions For Xiaomi & Oppo
- Redmi 5 Rosy
- Oppo F3
βœ… PDF Official Schematics
- Redmi 5 Rosy

World’s Cheapest Schematics Tool
Miracle Schematics Tool
Update 02 March 2021
βœ…Hardware Solutions For Xiaomi & Vivo
- Xiaomi Poco F1
- Vivo Y69
Miracle version 3.18 Digital Update (3rd March 2021)
1. Add New MTK CPU Support MT8696/8195/6833.
2. Add and Improve Disable Auth Support
3. Improve Redmi Note 8 Boot Support.
4. Improve VIVO Some Modles Support (MT6765 like Y83,Y95,S1 etc).
5. Add New MTK Flasher Support (in Android Tab).
6. Add One Key MTK Exploit.
7. Improve OPPO A12/A5s etc Support.
8. Improve MTK Format (Advanced Frp) Add Persist Partition.
9. Improve Vivo V19 Support.
10. Fix SPD Boot Error.
11. Fix check Server Error.
12. Fix & Improved Some Bugs.

Br [SV] Miracle Team
Miracle Schematics Tool
Update 03 March 2021
βœ…Hardware Solutions For Xiaomi & Vivo
- Xiaomi Redmi 5A
- Vivo Y65- Y53- Y35- Y30- Y28- Y83- V7- S1 Pro
βœ… PDF Official Schematics
- Xiaomi Redmi 5A
πŸ“Œ mByPass Version 1.12 Released on 5th March 2021
πŸ’’ Login Screen Improve
πŸ’’ Change Password Unlimited Time
πŸ’’ Change Hardware ID (HWID) 1 Year 3 Time
πŸ’’ Some minor bug fixes