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Our Guest today is Swati Pandey, HR Specialist in Analytics Domain and also the Co-Founder of MasterMined Consulting.

She has given deep insights on how recruiters think, decide, and hire a candidate, what are current trends, and where should candidate focus more on. She has also shed light on many other questions that a candidate has.

Some of the questions are:

1. What are the qualities that you look in a candidate when selecting the profile?

2. What are the important highlights that as a recruiter you like to see first on a Resume?

3. How much do you consider courses and certifications to be important?

& many more...

MasterMined Consulting is a recruitment consulting firm that proves to link candidates and firms. The company specializes in hiring in the fields of data analytics and data engineering. Also, they have a vast domain of experts and networks, they have recruited for the domains of Tech, BFSI, Manufacturing, BPO, Health Care, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, and more.

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MasterMined Consulting:

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Follow These Tips To Pass Your HR Interview! | By HR Specialist Henrique Santos Of The Bridge Social (Brazil)

Henrique Santos is the Recruitment Consultant for The Bridge Social. He has been in the recruitment industry for 8+ years. He has experience in recruiting for technical and non-technical domains. Today he is sharing deep insights on how to get a job in the technical field.


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ROI calculated as = [(income - cost) / Cost]*100
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What qualities do HR managers look for in a candidate?

At Job Talks With HR we interview HR, recruiters and get you best insights, tips. Here’s what Swati Pandey, HR Specialist and Principal Consultant, MasterMined Consulting told us,

Other than technical skills it would be:
1. Communication skills and how easily a person can put his thoughts in simple words.
2. How easily he can explain to me his flow of communication is important,
3. His attitude and maturity towards the job and also if he is serious about it and about getting into this company.
4. Did he research about this company.
5. Is he going to be flexible & adapt to the company's culture which is again important.

So, these are certain qualities that we try to assess with technical skills!

Listen To Full Interview: