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We are getting positive Bitcoin news bombarded at us right now. Facebook chooses Coinbase. Grayscale will convert to ETF with ticker symbol BTC. The Bitcoin Futures ETF launches today.

At the bottom: China bans Bitcoin (twice), Elon Musk, Tether, Death Cross, etc.

Narratives. From BCB
Ill be keeping a close eye on BTC over next couple of days. When info being shilled down our throats we need to watch closely
XRP daily chart. Again once bitcoin holds its price above 60k we can see a big move.
ONCE Bitcoin stays in that 60-66k range, I see us flying
BTC all time high hit. XRP has lots of upload pressure at moment. Alt coins moving positively with BTC now and before weren’t. Once BTC dominance stays around where it is we will take a jump
Some price targets that need to be broken:

Price Target 1: $1.30
Price Target 2: $1.53
Price Target 3: $1.66

All Fib Extensions

Once all 3 cleared we can all get excited but until then patience.
Having a crack at P1 here
BTC dragging us back down under. Hopefully can bounce and close daily candle above 1.30 tomorrow.
Bitcoin is really not letting XRP do anything. Ill keep updating. BTC has support around 61-62k that needs to hold
⚡️BREAKING: China Evergrande has officially fallen into default. Bankruptcy procedures are going ahead

This is the largest real estate default in years and a company with over $300 Billion in assets has just gone under. The wild ride in the Chinese real estate market has begun

👆This is why the crypto market dumped 📉
BTC flush out again. Clearing all that leverage
Big drop from Bitcoin. Ill wait a while for it to cool down then and then try figure out whats happening
Just remember that was 2017 so in a bull market corrections are perfectly normal as we say earlier in year. Once we are still in a bull market that is
Stock markets are getting killed from the covid variant stuff and Evergrande.