Wall Street investment - WEB3 + DEFI + AI Crypto Push 🐳🐳🐳
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This channel is run by the several big whales from Binance.

Our objective is to push one coin 2 times per week +200 - 700% minimum.

n01 Whale
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24 hours left for our Kucoin Mega Pump!

Tomorrow we’ll be pumping for our members, for everyone to make back their trading losses. With never seen before marketing strategies, our growth over the past month will guarantee the maximum number of participants and the biggest volume in this pump, reaching over a million traders from every corner of the world. Our whales will be constantly pushing the price higher, not likely seeing many retracements. Buying and holding as soon as the signal is announced will be the most profitable strategy. Our goal in this pump is to guarantee all our members profits of at least 800%

You’ve already seen what we are capable of achieving, and it’s not even close to what we expect tomorrow.
6 hours left! IMPORTANT TIPS:

- Our target will be very high profit today (Aiming at a minimum 800%). We will be using the Kucoin exchange to pump.
- We will be using the USDT pairing to buy, make sure you have USDT in your account to buy the coin.
- Hundreds of thousands of traders will be buying at once, make sure you buy early before outsiders do.
- If you plan to use your whole balance, you can buy using 75% of your balance initially at market price, use the remaining of your balance to place buy orders!
- When you buy the coin and it's time to sell, never sell on the buy supports! Instead sell slowly in parts as the price goes up.
- Our pump will have many waves as our whales will actively be buying with our members to support the price, there will be a lot of possibilities to make profits many times during the pump!
- After buying, we highly suggest to place buy orders below the market price as the price moves up.
- Millions of traders worldwide will be watching and buying, we have put into place a few measures to spread the word out after our signal all over social media, we will make sure our pump lasts and holds as long as possible, as always.
3 hours left until the Kucoin Mega Pump.

This is a basic stepbystep-strategy for new members:
1. Ten minutes before 17:00 PM GMT have Kucoin.com and Telegram open.
2. At exactly 17:00 PM GMT, there will a message including the name of our coin in our Telegram channel.
3. After the announcement, you already know what to do (review our guide and tips).
1 minute left, the next message will be the coin to buy!
The Coin We Are Pumping Today is : IZI

Buy and hold for massive profits

https://www.kucoin.com/trade/IZI-USDTThe Coin We Are Pumping Today is : IZI

Buy and hold for massive profits

We peaked at nearly 600% profit 4 minutes after the pump signal meaning everyone that bought within the first 4 minutes could have potential made big profits.
The biggest launch in Solana’s history.

The Final Boss🚬

Coming this week
The wait is almost over.

The biggest SOL project since Solana itself is coming. We’re talking about a 100-1000x gem, partnered with the biggest whales and influence leaders in crypto.

The launch is imminent. A detailed sniping guide will be provided for those not familiar with DEX.

We’ll make sure you’re the first ones in, and remember, if you’re not on the big boys table, don’t even bother playing:smoking:

Contract Address will be shared here immediately at launch, giving our members the first and most profitable entry into the coin.

Solana can only have one boss, and that’s the $CARTEL cat.

We’re hours away from launch. Hold on tight, stay tuned🚬

🚬Join t.me/CatCartelChat
If you are unfamiliar with buying coins on SOL and Dex it is very simple.

All you need is 3 things :

1. 1 wallet such as Trust wallet, Phantom wallet or Metamask with SOL in it
2. The coin's contract address which will be shared in a few hours
3. Buy using Jupiter or Raydium
$CARTEL cat - Solana’s undisputed final boss has officially launched.

Contract address :
Unfortunately, we were deceived by a third party with this project. To be transparent with our community, we were offered a big amount of money to promote their project and we agree'd to do. We did our due diligence before , however they still turned out to be your typical run of the mill memecoin sham.

We apologize for this and to anyone that lost money. In order to make up for it , we are going to use all the amount we received and inject it all into our next pump after sending the signal guaranteed a massive amount of profits to all our members. Moreso, we will never ever promote anyone else's project ever again. If there is any project promotion in the future, it will always be ours.

Stay tuned for the official announcement.