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Just to be clear, Twitter senior secured bank loans- the top of the capital stack- at $0.60 implies that Twitter- for which #elonmusk paid $44 billion - is now worth less than $8 billion.
Twitter CEO Elon Musk has "continued his rash of brand unsafe actions — including amplifying conspiracy theories, unilaterally reinstating banned accounts such as that of former President Donald Trump, courting and engaging with far-right accounts, and instituting a haphazard verification scheme that allowed extremists and scammers to purchase a blue check."
Elon Musk’s abrupt suspension of several journalists who cover Twitter widens a growing rift between the social media site and media organizations that have used the platform to build their audiences.

Individual reporters with The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Voice of America and other news agencies saw their accounts go dark Thursday.
Future Twitter plans - Attention: As of now they are rumors so they could be completely right, a bit off, or even just an idea that was floating around.
Rumored new Twitter rules:
- 200 DM's limit per day (group chats included)
- 20 tweets limit per day (includes retweets, quote tweets and replies)
- 4 photos or 1 video per day (media tweets are counted separately from the general tweets)
Twitter Blue users supposed to have no limits
There is not much to say about that post by #TwitterOwner Elon Musk..
He is full in supporting Russia by limiting his Starlink usage to the Ukrainians and constantly attacks Western support of those people that DEFEND themselves against an unprovoked aggressor
Twitter has a very real chance of going bankrupt in the next 12 months, with no obvious path to escaping it. In a way, that might be the company’s best hope – it is probably the only way it will escape its current owner, to be bought out at a bargain-basement price by someone else.

But before that, Musk has done the opposite of everything he promised with the site. Most users will notice that they get more annoyance from bots than they had before, abuse and hate speech is more widespread, and misinformation spreads much more easily without the site’s curation team watching for it and tackling it. Twitter is even more compliant with censorship and user data requests from dictatorships than it ever was before.
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Hahahahahaha, totally funny yet also fact....
We think Elon Musk shot himself in the foot with his latest #RateLimitedExceeded move.
Looks like he is not so smart after all, Visionair? Yeah right, no need to be on to see coming what happen now.
Zuckerberg and Threads app is thriving!!
(Editor here has to admit: I was a fan of that guy..... - We all make mistakes!)
Twitter is threatening legal action against Meta over its new text-based “Twitter killer” platform, accusing the social media giant of poaching former employees to create a “copycat” application.

On Wednesday, Instagram parent company Meta introduced Threads, a text-based companion to Instagram that resembles Twitter and other text-based social platforms. Just hours later, a lawyer for Twitter, Alex Spiro, sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accusing the company of engaging in “systematic, willful, and unlawful misappropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.”
I see the end for #Twitter looming.......
Threads, the social media app aimed at rivalling Twitter, has signed up more than 100 million users in less than five days.
The platform, launched by Instagram-owner Meta, has beaten a record set by Open AI's ChatGPT app.
Threads went live on Apple and Android app stores in 100 countries, including the UK, last Wednesday.
Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg said he "couldn't believe" the milestone had been reached so fast.
It hasn't all been plain sailing for Threads though - it is not available in mainland Europe yet because of uncertainty over whether it complies with EU data privacy legislation.
Far-right Twitter influencers first on Elon Musk’s monetization scheme .
On Thursday, Twitter announced that it would begin sharing ad revenue with content creators on its platform for the first time. But the offer won’t apply to all creators.

The first beneficiaries appear to be high-profile far-right influencers who tweeted before the announcement how much they’ve earned as part of the program. Ian Miles Cheong, Benny Johnson and Ashley St. Claire all touted their earnings.

A former Twitter executive also cast doubt on Twitter’s revamped metrics, including impressions. “The numbers are totally and completely bogus,” she said. “It’s all completely made up. It really feels like they’re arbitrarily writing checks to people they like, which is not a sustainable creator strategy.”
Twitter reminds me more and more of Russia, an increasingly isolated, dysfunctional, money-losing fiefdom run by a deluded sociopath with big plans and zero ability to execute them!
Sad to see as user since the app’s founding in 2006!
Yes, it was toxic but be honest: which popular social media is not??
It's up to the user to spend attention and not engage with any crap.
However, what happen now is brought on by that new owner which morphed the past few years into a total greyshirt moron!
It’s been nearly a year since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, and more than the average landlord, he’s made some changes to the storefront: replacing the social media platform’s cheerful winged mascot with an ominous “X,” stripping all but paying subscribers of verified status, and turning it from a frenetic crossroads of breaking news and opinion to a playground for falsehoods and propaganda sowed by bad actors.
Elon Musk did not invent or create Tesla. He bought it.

Elon Musk did not invent or create SpaceX. He bought it.

Elon Musk did not invent or create Twitter. He bought it.