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Remember 2007 when "they" courtetd us to come and use "Twttr" as it was initially called. Today: the provide a platform for the world biggest liar, help Russians to influence elections somewhere on this planet, spread porn all over, no react to reported violations of their platform. More or less the usual!
They make money now and we as users are just somewhat a burden....... They take care of their high-profile users (nothing wrong with that, they make money) however, giving simple users the boot is very lame @Jack!!
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o-tone Twitter Helpcenter: "Note: You can have the same phone number associated with up to 10 Twitter accounts."
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If you do as instructed you still end up shafted! It does not send you a conformation code, heck - it does not even take your number!
Twitter has revealed that hackers viewed private direct messages (DMs) from 36 of the accounts involved in last week's hack.
It did not disclose who they belonged to beyond saying one was owned by an elected official in the Netherlands. -
We get slowly tired of bulk suspensions and not funtioning so called security proceedures! Mastodon here we come - The social network of the future: No ads, no corporate surveillance, ethical design, and decentralization!
This report is a little older yet we believe it's as current today as it was time of publishing. There’s a suggestion that this might all be part of a ransom racket which has heavily damaged the accounts and public image of some users who won’t "pay up"…
And the ransom?… Yes, you’ve guessed. The cyber world’s perennial prize of prizes - the mobile phone number…
Well, let's ad the fact that ones has to cross the hoops of captcha which gives all our data (location, different pc and software specs, cookies in browser history) to Google. I just spend time to lean myself of with different search engine and email to use to be forced to use them again. Thanks @Jack
Sorry folks! Our Twitter account got AGAIN suspended, we quit counting - w.a.f.j!! They suspend accounts at free will justifying it with some lame-arse email about "violate the tos (terms of service)" while several accounts we now monitored got suspended without having any tweeting since the LAST suspension. Jack Dorsey: your platform stinks but most likely you will give a shit!
So far not a word from them concerning our appeal. It does not need much to develop a distaste after following - and admiring - for example Jack Dorsey, the boss of Twitter. It's funny how they can act and react within hours if there are issues with a high-profile use. We, the masses that brought Twitter up where they are now can go fuck off. As usual..... @TwiiterSupport is amongst the worst of social media platforms.
Thai authorities are reported to have ordered internet providers to block the Telegram messaging app, which has been used by anti-government protesters.
Telegram, a Dubai-based chat app that has attracted a surge of new users, including some far-right Trump supporters fleeing purges at other sites, has begun a rare purge of American extremist content.
At least 15 extremist Telegram channels — akin to chatrooms where the founders have moderating power — have recently been banned
73% less - that is more as sufficient to justify that ban! According to research by Zignal Labs, which the Washington Post reported on Saturday, online misinformation about election fraud plunged 73 percent in the weeklong period following Twitter’s decision to ban Trump on January 8.
China’s ruling Communist Party has opened a new front in its long, ambitious war to shape global public opinion: Western social media.
Liu Xiaoming, who recently stepped down as China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, is one of the party’s most successful foot soldiers on this evolving online battlefield. He joined Twitter in October 2019, as scores of Chinese diplomats surged onto Twitter and Facebook, which are both banned in China.