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This is the real General Michael T. Flynn TGS page. I mainly post on Clouthub @GenFlynn
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Next chance I get, I’m heading to In-N-Out burger for a big double cheese with everything on top, large fries and a large milkshake! Can’t wait to support this business. Thank you for taking a stand against tyranny!
Today, we are all Italians! Listen and watch how Italians are dealing with dictatorship in their nation.
Digital Italian Soldiers on the hunt for the truth!
Okay, I’ll jump on this bandwagon…great song 🎶 and even better singing kid!
The WH is full on attempting to turn America into a communist nation. Mandates without law, all sorts of violations of the constitution, lockdowns, forced vaccinations for children, food and other commodity prices going through the roof, inflation rates quadrupling, energy costs skyrocketing, illegals being flown all over the nation without consideration for the impacts to society (ie., healthcare, housing, crime rates, etc), this can no longer stand.

My request to everyone who can is to step up and get involved in your local communities…take a stand!

Local Action = National Impact

God help us and may God bless and protect our children and grandchildren and continue to shine His light on America as the last bastion of democracy on the planet.
I know it took extraordinary courage to finally step up and take a stand at this local school board hearing. This woman is doing exactly what all of us need to do, get involved and do not allow these mandates to become normal, they are anything but! Masks are turning our society, especially our children into a bunch of robots and vaccines are literally killing people. God bless this woman and thank you for your superb example of local action, it will have a national impact.
Sarasota Florida School Board—Local Action = National Impact

God bless this woman. We need prayer brought into the lifeblood of our nation!
Please read and consider donating to this legal action by parents who want nothing more than to protect their beautiful daughter. The tragedy of what we’re doing to our children across the nation must be stopped immediately. Fight back against these horrific people and abusive policies.
This is why I am such a huge fan of Emerald Robinson (recommend following her if you can). Her time is now…a modern day digital Joan of Arc!
Go Jim Go 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸