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Doug ford started as a conservative. Once in power, caved to the media & tries to win over the left who will never vote for him. At the same time the people that put him in power are abandoning him because of it. He has made enemies on both sides. He has got to be the dumbest politician in the history of Canadian politics.
The toronto star shows just what they think about freedom. The media is the virus
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And they’re putting immigrants ahead of their own citizen’s well being. We’re losing our jobs and they’re giving it to them. It’s so wrong. Giving international nurses the job and canadian nurses are unemployed. Shame on this government.
The border security agents and the airline workers should join with the truckers on the 23rd to protest the mandates. The governments will have to give in.
Look at this, "hate filled opinion piece. The virus is here to stay; the vaccine doesn't prevent transmission. Stop gaslighting. End the mandates." Belinda K. The Media is the Virus!
Anyone believe this? The sources are the WHO and fact checkers who, Facebook admits are lefties with an agenda.
Forwarded from Mike Bayer
Israel 🇮🇱, the only quadruple-vaxxed country in the world (also using mask mandates and Covid passports), just broke global record for daily Covid cases.