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Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
It's astonishing that a handful of billionaires and governments can fund an organization that produces dubious reports, labeling opposing viewpoints as racism, hate speech, misinformation, or disinformation, and then cite those reports to advocate for more censorship.

Forwarded from Chief Nerd
Media is too big
NEW – CDC Warns of New Mpox Cluster w/ Most Cases in the Fully Vaccinated

"9 of those 13 cases were among men who had received both doses of the two dose JYNNEOS Mpox vaccine...It's still important for those at highest risk of Mpox to be vaccinated."

Forwarded from Altitude 40000 (Misty)

Rep Anna Luna has introduced resolution to remove Adam Schiff from the House.

“Schiff lied to the American people. He used his position on House Intel to push a lie that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars.

He is a dishonor to the House of Representatives.”


Forwarded from ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)
Media is too big
Jim Caviezel popped off this morning and dropped some truth bombs on Bannon.
"You cannot say andrenochrome. You cannot say anything bad about George Soros.
You think you know what the truth is, you don't. You have a selection.
God wants you to be free.
It's like a tentacle. You've got to go after the head.
Who is it?
The Central banks.
The IMF.
The Rothschild banks.
We have a Rothschild pope.
There are great Americans who are fighting right now.
I'll be that voice.
Would you lose your head for Christ? I would. Because I love him."



Full interview:
Forwarded from Awakened Outlaw
Let me get this straight.

The #FBI had no less than FOUR separate investigations going on concurrently against Bill and #HillaryClinton - which they up and dropped entirely prior to her 2016 election. While at the same time then opening an investigation into #Trump based on zero evidence whatsoever.

Better yet, the FBI's leadership was not only aware that the accusations lobbed at #Trump were fraudulent but were playing an active role in creating and then falsely validating the claims themselves into existence.

Did I get that right?
Forwarded from KanekoaTheGreat
Media is too big
Pete Hegseth and Will Cain discuss the Durham Report, which reveals how the FBI and the Justice Department concealed Hillary Clinton's crimes while targeting former President Donald Trump:

"The DOJ and FBI failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law. That's what the Durham Report found... The FBI broke all procedures and had politicized hacks all throughout the FBI, whose stated goal was to take down Donald Trump, and they were essentially in cahoots with Hillary Clinton's campaign to do so...

No one's held accountable. No one ever pays the price for Crossfire Hurricane. In fact, they were emboldened because they ran it again in 2020, this time running cover for Hunter Biden. Of course, you know that story, Hunter Biden's laptop was suppressed.

You had the New York Post story that came out. Social media begins to cover the New York Post story, and you now have all of this suppression based on the government saying with the backing of intelligence agencies that this was Russian disinformation."

Forwarded from TikTock News & Humor
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Now Target has partnered with a Satanist brand to add to their “pride” collection.


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Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić in front of the European Parliament 👇

"It would be healthier and safer for humanity to make a deal with the Colombian drug cartel [than a deal with the WHO]."

Forwarded from MJTruth (MJTruth (CandlesInTheNight))
Media is too big
Dr. David Martin - University of North Carolina Exempted from Gain of Function Moratorium - “There is Going to be an Accidental or RELEASE of a Respiratory Pathogen”

We’ve been lured into believing EcoHealth Alliance & DARPA & all these organizations are what we should be pointing to, but we’ve been requested to ignore the facts!”

• Since 2005, $10 Billion dollars have been funneled through black operations through the check of Anthony Fauci

• The University of North Carolina received an exemption from the gain of function moratorium 🤯🤯

• By 2016, the National Academy of Sciences stated “SARS coronavirus is poised for human emergence”

Which coronavirus was poised for “human emergence”?
Answer: (WIV1)
Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus 1

• By 2017-2018, the following phrase entered into common parlance among the community — “There’s going to be a accidental or or INTENTIONAL RELEASE of a respiratory pathogen.”

• April 2019, several months before Covid patient zero, FOUR patent applications of MODERNA were modified to include the term: “Accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen”
— as the justification of for making a vaccine that did not exist!

Holy Smokes 🤯


Forwarded from We The Media (Angel)
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She got a zero on her project proposal for using the term “biological women”

“Olivia, this is a solid proposal. However, the terms ‘biological women’ are exclusionary and are not allowed in this course as they further reinforce heteronormativity.”

The project title was: Transgenders Competing in Biological Women’s Sports 🫠
Forwarded from Chief Nerd
JUST IN — A New Report From the British Heart Foundation Finds an ‘Astonishing Rise’ in the Number of AFIB Cases in the UK

“The new total means that 1 in 45 people in the UK are known to be living with the condition. Someone with atrial fibrillation is five times more likely to have a potentially fatal or life-changing stroke.

‘These figures show a quite astonishing rise in the number of people diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.’”

Forwarded from Disclosure HUB
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Teachers being Fired all over for simply trying to do the right thing. Its not the states child... Imagine if your child had things in school that were secret from you? Things with teachers they couldn't tell you?

This teacher was fired for standing up for parents...
Um yeah, so the Target thing is even worse than I thought.

Selling a sweatshirt that says "Cure Transphobia, not Trans People".

It's pretty obvious that "cure transphobia" is code for "destroy Christian values".
Forwarded from Chief Nerd
🚨 THREAD: New Bombshell Peer-Reviewed Study Uses State-of-the-Art Actuarial Science to Examine Excess Deaths in Germany

“These findings indicate that something must have happened in spring 2021 that led to a sudden and sustained increase in mortality.

Given the temporal relationship between the increase in vaccinations and excess mortality, it seems surprising that a respective safety signal has not been detected in the pharmacovigilance.”

Read the thread, charts, and study here:

Forwarded from Chief Nerd
Over 300 COVID-19 Papers Withdrawn for Not Meeting Standards of Scientific Soundness

“Even prestigious journals such as the Lancet were publishing those articles.

One of Lancet’s studies even caused both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the national government to stop the comprehensive testing of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness against COVID-19.

The extensive Lancet study, allegedly based on research fraud, said that the drug increased the risk of heart arrhythmia and mortality for COVID-19 patients.”

Full Article:

Forwarded from The Keystone Channel 🌎 (Official Patricia The Keystone Channel
Media is too big
The Earth has magical places ! 🙏❤️