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You really have to be a Ben-Crump-level buffoon to have looked at that video of the “hospital Karen” and believed that she was the one who started the fight. Does no one have common sense anymore?
The woman in question should sue @ AttorneyCrump for his latest race hustle.

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Beware of Toxic Chocolate: Heavy Metals Found in Major Brand Names | Facts Matter


I’m new to following Andrew Tate (been doing so for about a month now) and I get why he’s interesting and has amassed a large following— especially amongst men.

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Transgenderism is so objectively satanic it boggles the mind.

I have zero compassion for the perpetuators of this demonic cult.

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Target has been an openly perverted company for a long time. Many million times worse than Bud Light and worthy of being boycott out of existence.

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Stop talking to me about Desantis’ qualifications.
Based on qualifications, he should have destroyed Andrew Gillum. Instead, he almost lost to an overt socialist. Why?

Because Andrew Gillum has charisma.

Stop deluding yourselves. The “it factor” matters. Obama had “it”.

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Some of you guys did not understand the danger of a grown man like Dylan Mulvaney self-identifying as a little girl. Maybe now you will.

It’s transgenderism first and then pedophilia.

An inevitability when society pushes the idea that adults don’t have to acknowledge reality.

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Today I learned that there is an actual worship service out in San Francisco called “Beyoncé Mass”. They use her as the focus of their worship songs and the pastor believes Beyonce is deeper than most theologians.

California is hell on earth.

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The fake “looming debt crisis” drama takes place every year followed by its umpteenth-hour agreement to rescue America from the brink of default.


D.C is theatre.

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​Prosecutor: Fatal Shooting of Grammy Winner by Police ‘Reasonably Necessary’


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While the Bud Light protest was definitively led by moral men, I believe this Target one is being led by moral women and I’m very glad to see these results.
Keep it up. #boycotttarget

@ Target

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