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Welcome all to the www.Gospel.Network Telegram Channel. This is the place where Christians can gather and vote with one voice. Please invite all your friends to join. Thank you and stay blessed.
Christians are all coming together like never before. Covid19 has brought fellow Christians together in singleness of purpose in many ways we couldn't imagine. We can make a huge difference with a unified voice. Remember to make your vote count on www.Gospel.Network. It only takes 3 minutes to make a world of difference.
The www.Gospel.Network is the solution to vaccine passports and a lifetime of forced vaccinations. We can stop all of that in a united front. Christians are the overwhelming majority in SA. Together, we can change anything. Invite all your friends to join the Network.
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Do you feel helpless as a Christian with no place to go to? Like you want to change the world for Jesus but you don't know how to make a difference? Do you feel like you don't have a voice? Then we have the answer. Join The Gospel Network and let's stand up for Jesus together. Let's fight for the freedom of our Christian faith.

For the first time we have our own Christian networking platform where we can come together and vote together with ONE voice. Get 10 other Christians to join and get them to get 10 more. In no time will we have 1 million voices on board that will change our world for Jesus! - The Gospel Network Team