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Forwarded from Alexander Dugin | Z
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DUGIN: "Liberalism started with an individualistic version of humanism and now we are approaching anti-human, post-human, transhuman individualism. That is precisely the political agenda of Biden and modern day progressives in the US. They are openly post-human, anti-human..."

👉 Crisis of Western liberalism, Russia’s new ideology, the emerging world order: You can find the full episode on YouTube or Rumble
Forwarded from Tupi Report 🇧🇷
🇧🇷🚩🛑🔫 — President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) criticized Brazilians who advocate for civilian firearm ownership, stating that "those who carry weapons are cowards [who] are afraid."

"Brazil wasn't like this, [it happened] after someone appeared wanting to arm the Brazilian people. Who wants to buy a weapon? It's organized crime and some people who don't want to do good for anyone,"
he said.

Lula was referring to former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and other Brazilians who advocate for the right to carry and possess firearms. Since the first day of his government, the leftist has been signing decrees to disarm the population and restrict legal access to firearms.

Furthermore, given the high rates of crime, murders, and property invasions in Brazil, Lula finds it absurd that a Brazilian would be "afraid" of something while walking on the streets and criticizes those who feel the need to react.

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🇭🇹 The United States accelerates plans to invade #Haiti to prevent democracy from breaking out and to seize its resources.
Forwarded from David Avocado Wolfe
American C40 Cities.
Forwarded from Geopolitics Live
💸 The process of dedollarization on a global scale will be neither a fast nor an easy one, but it is definitely possible in the future, Carlos Tabunda, dean of the Faculty of International Relations at New Era University (Philippines), told Sputnik on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF).

Many countries remain tightly linked to the American greenback, said the Philippine expert, which explains why the dedollarization process is still a “big challenge”.

Read his full interview

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Forwarded from Geopolitics & Empire
But the desire on the part of aspirational professionals – in academia, industry, and religion – to stay out of trouble and continue to ascend the ranks is so powerful as to cause multitudes to bury their best instincts for what they imagine will be a temporary but prudent compliance. I do not for a moment believe that bravery on the level of the Amish or the Hasidim is widespread enough in the population to create a mass resistance movement. https://brownstone.org/articles/are-we-facing-lockdowns-2-0/
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Director-General or Dictator-General? Former Member of Parliament Divulges the Truth About @WHO Decisions

On the outside, the WHO appears to be an entity that makes public health decisions based on the expertise of appointed specialists and professionals. Upon closer examination, who really calls the shots?

According to Wolfgang Wodarg, M.D., Ph.D., former Member of Parliament + Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the majority of decisions that flow from the WHO begin and end with the director-general himself.

In 2022, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus overrode the second vote of an expert group he had appointed, declaring monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).

“The vote was nine to six. And he [Director-General] came in afterward and said ‘Well, it was almost a tie, so I broke the tie, and I decided to make it a PHEIC.’ Even though only six people had voted in favor,” denoted Dr. Meryl Nass M.D.
In a world first, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Samsung and Apple over the fact that phones are tested in a way that is not realistic (0mm of separation). Lawyer Charles O’Brien and expert Pedro Gregorio join Nick to explain the significance of this critical lawsuit. -