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📜Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green filing Articles of Impeachment, including the Southern Border "which today is being invaded." Also on abortion law, "God will n

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Americans will not put up with the army patrolling our streets enforcing lockdowns.

Americans will never ask permission to cross state borders, or to leave the country.

Americans do not beg for our freedoms to be "returned" to us.

Americans will always fight to protect freedom on our shores and abroad.

Americans are strong and must show the weak how to push back against their oppressors.

Americans embrace God.
Americans embrace truth.
Americans embrace freedom!

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Pfizer say their ‘vaccine’ is ‘safe and effective’ for children ages 5-11.

Keep a close eye on my next post and remember this claim they have made.

Absolute disgrace 🤬🤬🤬

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Justin Trudeau says that vaccine passports are "all about" rewarding certain freedoms to people who have "done the right thing"— and that those who "still resist" simply won't get to enjoy those same freedoms.

It's not difficult to extrapolate how tyrannical governments will eventually tie these freedom passes to digital identifications representing carbon footprint scores, social media scores, and other technocratic pipe dreams.

This is the greatest human rights fight of our lives and it is against a power-hungry tyrannical global establishment.

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