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🗞 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus gets free trial on all platforms

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is hands down one of the best games of 2017 and there’s almost zero reason you shouldn’t be playing it. For starters, it’s $30 at most retailers for Black Friday and it now has a free trial available for you to try just in case you’re not... read more ➡️
🗞 Hellblade sells 500,000 copies; Makes profit 3 months before expected

Ninja Theory released a pretty unexpected surprise on PlayStation 4 earlier this year in the form of Hellblade. The game tackled mental illnesses like schizophrenia in a really interesting way through the use of gameplay, the game’s narrative, and eerie sounds. Ninja Theory’s budget... read more ➡️
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🗞 Themes, Multiple Accounts and Happy winter holidays!

Happy winter holidays, everyone! To reinforce the festive mood, we‘re updating Telegram for the second time this December, adding features you’ve been asking for.
With version 4.7 for iOS, you can change what your Telegram looks like in the new Appearance settings. Choose between four... read more ➡️
🗞 Telegram Open Network (TON) launch news
Token sale’s update:
The Issuer has closed new purchaser’s subscriptions for the current financing round accepting 94 investors and reported to SEC (link). We note that closings of the subscriptions shall not equal to final disbursement, which might be partially pending.
GRAM Trading:
TON Issuer...
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Valve test new feature

Valve is not yet ready to give up games on Linux. The new beta version of Steam is testing the ability to run games in additional isolation mode. For that usable namespace. This allows you to increase protection against crashes, run old games in new distributions. And this will help solve the OC compatibility issue. On Steam, there are 6470 games for Linux, this is the right step. The company also updated its Proton assembly to version 4.11-8. It solved problems with the launch and operation of Rockstar Launcher and Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as improved support for game controllers in the game Farming Simulator 19 and Resident Evil 2. In Arma 3, it was possible to solve problems with the mouse, and the system learned to launch Devil May Cry.
An Engineer Made a Ratman Wheel from Overwatch

Colin Furz, a British engineer and blogger, put together a Rat Rider wheel from the popular Overwatch game in a workshop. To do this, he used a motor from a chainsaw, a remote control and home-made metal structures. He created videos in his new YouTube video. Unlike the game wheel, the British wheel does not explode, but it may well. This is not the first video devoted to the development of real copies of weapons and devices from games. There is a video on his channel where he makes hidden blades from Assassins Creed, as well as the ax and umbrella of the main character Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
Nearly 2.5 million users have downloaded Minecraft Earth
A week after the release of Minecraft Earth in the United States, it downloaded 1.4 million times. 1.2 million downloads came from the United States. Minecraft Earth brought its creators as much as 93 thousand dollars in all available markets. Users from the United States. Minecraft Earth in the App Store became the leader in terms of the number of downloads (73.4%) and earnings (66.6%).
New Year Event in MK 11

The festive event dedicated to Christmas and New Year will be held in two stages. From December 22 to December 27 there will be The Winter Wonderland Tower event. These days, users will have access to three thematic towers. The developers promise that they will operate special modifiers, including exploding snowmen, Christmas trees and Tarkatans on sledges. The second stage will be held from December 28 to January 2, players will be able to participate in the event Ring in the New Year. Fighters will encounter champagne bottles, fireworks and disco balls. In honor of the New Year and Christmas, themed events take place at other venues. Rockstar Games snowed at Red Dead Online, Valve graced the Dota 2 map, Fortnite added.
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