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Watch: An elderly Palestinian woman bursts into tears as Israeli occupation forces knock down a commercial facility belonging to her sons in the town of Salfit, in the central occupied West Bank, today.
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The Israeli occupation forces open live fire towards Palestinian residents in Salfit after demolishing a commercial structure there.
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The Israeli occupation authorities extended the detention of two Palestinian young men until next Thursday.
In Pictures: Extremist Israeli settlers attack a Palestinian house where a whole family, including children, were sleeping inside, near Al-Tayba village, north of the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, this night.

The settlers assault and beat the family members before destroying their properties. #IsraeliCrimes
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While demolishing their commercial facility, Israeli occupation soldiers brutally assaulted today Palestinians in Deir Balut village, west of Salfit, firing live bullets and teargas bombs at them.
Israeli occupying forces kidnap Palestinian civilians in pre-dawn detention raids
Hordes of Israeli settler militais attack Palestinian family, suffocate one
Palestinian prisoner and activist Sheikh Khader Adnan continues his hunger strike for the 53rd consecutive day in protest of his illegal detention inside Israeli occupation jails.
IN PICTURES || Flag-waving Palestinian schoolchildren in Gaza march on the occasion of the Palestinian Land Day, today.
Today, Palestinian people are observing Land Day, to recall the killing of six Palestinians peacefully protesting the "Israeli" confiscation of their land.

Today’s commemoration of Land Day is a reminder of the countless human rights violations.
Since the Israeli military occupation of Palestine in 1948, the Palestinian people are still subjected to serious violations of their internationally recognized human and national rights.
On its 47th anniversary, Palestine Land Day continues to be the symbol of resistance against the ever-expanding Israeli occupation and apartheid regime. #PalestineLandDay
Commemorating Palestine Land Day: The Struggle for Justice

March 30 marks Palestine Land Day, a day of remembrance and commemoration for the sacrifices made by Palestinians in their struggle for land and self-determination. It is a day to reflect on the ongoing struggle for justice and freedom in Palestine and to honour the courage and resilience of the Palestinian people.

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