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Scenes from yesterday's Israeli occupation repression of Palestinian civilians who were celebrating the occasion of Prophet Muhammad's birthday at Bab al-Amoud area in occupied #Jerusalem.

The IOF detained dozens of Palestinians, including 15 children, and injured at least 17 others!
The Palestinian citizen, Fakher al-Rantisi, from Ramallah, was detained by the Israeli occupation forces and will be tried in the military court on a charge of visiting the al-Aqsa Mosque and praying in its yards!!
Israeli occupation authorities ordered Palestinian Ahmad Dhuweib to demolish his house in Bethlehem city on the pretext of building without licence.

These demolition orders constitute a form of ethnic cleansing as they only target the Palestinians' presence on their lands. #FreePalestine 🇵🇸
"It's not for a day or two, nor a month or two but my dad has been on hunger strike for 97 days"

The little daughter of Palestinian detainee Kayed Al-Fasfous pleads for her father's freedom as he nears 100 days of hunger strike.

The Palestinian youth Muhammad Munir Lubbad from Rimal neighborhood west of Gaza succumbed to his wounds sustained two years ago by Israeli occupation snipers in the great return marches east of Gaza City. #FreePalestine
Palestinian detainee Alaa al-Araj, who has been on hunger strike for 73 days in protest at his administrative detention (detention without charge or indictment) by Israeli occupation, was moved to the hospital today after his health deteriorated. #FreePalestine
The Israeli occupation forces detained at least 10 Palestinians during raids on Palestinian cities in occupied West Bank & Jerusalem.

The Israeli occupation authorities hold in its prisons +4,800 Palestinian political detainees in the Israeli effort to suppress the Palestinian activism against the #IsraeliOccupation & settlement.
The child of the Palestinian citizen, Fakher al-Rantisi, kisses the picture of his father as he couldn't find his father to give him a morning kiss.

Fakher, from Ramallah, has been arrested for three days by IOF because he prayed at al-Aqsa Mosque.
Palestinians detained in West Bank night raids by the occupation forces
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails endure appalling treatment.

They are physically and psychologically abused by their Israeli jailers and have little or no legal recourse against the occupying power.

Palestinian prisoners do engage in one form of resistance: hunger strikes: