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Israeli occupation troops swoop, abduct Palestinian citizen of Jenin
The Israeli occupation forces extend the detention of the young Jerusalemite Amr Abu Khudair until next Sunday.
The occupation forces issued a 15-month prison sentence for the Jerusalemite boy, Muhammad Samir Abu Al-Hawa, from the town of Al-Tur.
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The moment activist Ibrahim Khalil met his mother after his release from the occupation court in Al-Nassera city.
Despite the deterioration of his health and psychological conditions, the occupation prisons administration recommends extending the isolation of the prisoner Ahmed Manasra for another 6 months.
Palestinian hunger-striking detainee surpasses 70 days on hunger strike
193 Israeli settlers stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque since today morning.
Israeli occupation forces raid university in Tulkarm, suffocate tens
Israeli occupying authorities demolish Palestinian-owned house in Bethlehem
📍 Israeli occupation damages Palestinian crops using different tools ; including aerial spraying of harsh pesticides and bulldozers destroying the land with the help of settlers burning everything in their way...

🔹More :about the Israeli colonial tool of land destruction
Ibrahim Shawahneh, a #Palestinian father from the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, bids a farewell to his little children shortly before being taken away and detained by Israeli occupation forces who raided his home last night.
Palestinian administrative detainees continue to boycott Israeli occupation courts for 139th consecutive days demanding an end to the policy of illegal administrative detention.

Israeli occupation forces suffocate dozens of Palestinians in Tulkarm confrontations