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If @Skill_Labs_gg real-time dashboards that track your scholars' yields sound cool, you won't want to miss this! 😍

πŸ•‘ Our Twitter Spaces w/ Skill Labs begins in 1️⃣ hour
🎁 Win a $500 allocation into the upcoming Skill Labs IDO
πŸ—£ Talk directly with the Skill Labs team!
πŸ”œ Join: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mnGedOBweAKX?s=20
Our Twitter Spaces with @Skill_Labs_gg starts NOW. It's easy to tune in!

βœ… Lend NFTs or invest your assets to earn interest
βœ… Get funded via sponsorship programs
βœ… Pick the best games & guilds with their real-time dashboard
βœ… Win a Skill Labs IDO allocation!

Listen in πŸ‘‰ https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1mnGedOBweAKX?s=20
#Exomon were beloved mainstays of society until the Luddites rose to power at the onset of the 37th century.

In an attempt to change the future, the Collectors sent 10,000 Keycards back in time.

Each Keycard is an #NFT & will let you own your very own Exomon come reveal date πŸ€–
Urgent Issue: please pause ALL use of QuickSwap until further notice. Their website has been compromised and any trades will likely result in loss of funds. The QuickSwap team has informed us that all trading should be stopped. Do NOT use QuickSwap until further notice. Here is their official tweet about the issue: https://twitter.com/QuickswapDEX/status/1525291478401986560?s=20&t=NxiutcNH88EySlBseb3bUw
Effective immediately, the price to open a booster pack is 5 $PMON. The Collector DAO will decide whether to keep this new price or revert the price back to 1 $PMON.

Read more about the price increase and submit your vote by 3/26 at 3pm UTC here: https://snapshot.org/#/polymon.eth/proposal/0x7635e383f3051f49e1c62213101cbaf217e68803b146235fd955352ce714b4c5
Rainbow Portal Announcements (time sensitive):
1. TEN Rainbow portals will be added to BNB Chain booster packs on May 18th at 2PM UTC. The drop rate for Rainbow Portals for this round is 1/500!
2. We have a new DAO vote to let the community decide between two options for how big of a β€œrarity point boost” to give Rainbow Polymon. You have until May 20th at 12:00 PM UTC to submit your vote here: https://snapshot.org/#/polymon.eth/proposal/0xfbbab22a15a91f15d9a6758a47f1c8f45f839153ccf95af4d6e6c0bbbb0cdd2a

Important Reminders:
- There are a total of 100 Rainbow Portals and 10 of them were pulled in the first round. There will be more rounds after this second round is completed.
- We will confirm when Rainbow Portals are officially in and ready to be pulled. As stated here, the expected date and time is May 18th at 2PM UTC.
- Have questions? DM one of our community managers or ambassadors since they will NEVER send you a DM first. Watch out for scammers and know if someone DM’s you first then they are not a member of our team.
Rainbow Portals Round 2 Starts NOW on BNB Chain!
This is a confirmation announcement to let you know that 10 Rainbow Portals have been successfully added to our BNB Chain booster packs with a 1:500 booster pack pull rate. Round 2 will end once all 10 Rainbow Portals have been pulled.
πŸ”₯ Join us tomorrow, Monday at 4pm UTC, for a Fireside chat to go over all things Exomon! The chat will be with Polychain Monsters co-founders, Leif & Lennart, as well as our project lead for the Exomon launch, David.

πŸ‘‰ During the Exomon Fireside Chat, we will announce the first group of community members that will get guaranteed whitelist spots that can be claimed through Exomon.xyz! We will also be answering any questions you might have and will be sharing some new sneak peaks as well!

πŸ”— Event will be hosted on Discord: https://discord.gg/Q2pGm4mT?event=978038588254093422
The First Exomon Whitelist Spots Have Been Released!
You can check and see if you have received a whitelist spot by visiting our official Exomon website’s claim page: https://claim.exomon.xyz.

So who are the first community members to get WL spots?!
- Collections worth 200k+ points get 1 whitelist spot
- The top 100 collections with the most 1st Edition Polymon NFTs get a whitelist spot

The snapshots have already been taken for these whitelist spot rewards; congratulations to everyone that got spot(s)!

PLEASE NOTE: we will never DM you a link or ask you for your seed phrase so you should only refer to official announcements from our team on Telegram, Discord, or Twitter regarding all things Polychain Monsters and Exomon. Several other projects/communities have recently been targeted and hacked so lets all be extra cautious.
The next batch of Exomon whitelist spots have been released! If your Polymon collection is worth 1M or more points, you just got another Exomon whitelist spot.

Claim your whitelist spots here: https://claim.exomon.xyz

Enter our free raffle for a chance to win your first (or a bonus) whitelist spot: https://raffle.exomon.xyz

To enter the raffle, you will need a Solana wallet as well as enough $SOL to cover the gas fee (less than $0.01). If you haven’t gotten your Solana wallet set up yet, you should do that ASAP since you can enter the raffle once per day! We recommend the Phantom Solana wallet: https://phantom.app/

Need a helpful guide? Check out our most recent blog post with instructional videos on how to get started on Solana: https://blog.polychainmonsters.com/a-how-to-guide-for-getting-started-on-solana-b083a354f3e3
πŸš€ 🏝 The Next Classification of Collectors Who Eligible for the Whitelist Spot : Genesis Island Holders 🏝 πŸš€
πŸ’Ž If you own a Genesis Island in your collector wallet, you are eligible for 1 Whitelist Spot!

🐲 Satoshi Babydragon Holders! Congratz for being the next collectors who get the Whitelist spot! πŸ”₯
πŸ’Ž If you own a Satoshi Babydragon in your collector wallet, you are eligible for 1 Whitelist Spot!

🌐 Claim your whitelist spots here: https://claim.exomon.xyz/
❓ How to claim:
➑️ Connect your collector wallet to the site.
➑️ Add your Solana wallet address (Phantom)
➑️ Sign tx to claim the WL spot.

Please stay tune for the next classification of collectors who are guaranteed for the Whitelist Spot!
πŸ”₯ Now we are able to check the number of Whitelist spots that we have from multiple sources! πŸ‘€
➑️ Own more than 200k or 1M collector staking points
➑️ Own top 100 scores of 1st edition Polymon
➑️ Own Genesis Island
➑️ Own Satoshi Babydragon
➑️ From the Raffle
➑️ From the Giveaway event(s)
🌐 Check via this link: https://whitelist.exomon.xyz/
❓ How to check: Connect your Solana wallet (Phantom) to the site.

For our collectors, please check and claim your available Whitelist spot(s) here:
🌐 Link: https://claim.exomon.xyz/
❓ How to claim:
➑️ Connect your collector wallet to the site.
➑️ Add your Solana wallet address (Phantom)
➑️ Sign tx to claim the WL spot. (need SOL as gas fee)
πŸš€ We distributed Whitelist spots for our collectors through Raffle!

➑️ Every account registered at the leaderboard participated in the raffle
➑️ Same chance for every collector - not based on collector score
➑️ 100 Whitelist spots were distributed

🌐 Claim your whitelist spots here: https://claim.exomon.xyz/
❓ How to claim:
➑️ Connect your collector wallet to the site.
➑️ Add your Solana wallet address (Phantom)
➑️ Sign tx to claim the WL spot.
Incoming Transmission

🚨Round 1 of the Exomon Whitelist Raffle is coming to a close!🚨

300 WL spots will be distributed between winning raffle ticket holders on Thursday, June 2 (2pm GMT). ⏰

You still have time to participate!
πŸš€ Head over to the Exomon Whitelist Raffle page (https://raffle.exomon.xyz/) and claim your FREE daily raffle ticket. 🎟

➑️ Round 1 will close at 2pm GMT
➑️ Round 2 of the Whitelist Raffle will begin immediately afterwards. Winners will be alerted on the raffle page itself.
➑️ Alternatively, you will be able to check if you've won on the Whitelist Check page (https://whitelist.exomon.xyz/).
The allocation claim process for the YOP Unichick, Reef Uniaqua & Polkadex Unikles is now live πŸ₯³

Head on over to our website and follow the process below in order to receive your rewards for having one of these three specials!

1. Go to your collection tab
2. Click on "specials"
3. Click the burn button in the bottom right of the special you would like to use the claim process for
4. Execute the burn transaction by following the simple pop-ups that are displayed

Our team will be monitoring these burn requests weekly and will make sure you receive your tokens and the modified new special as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and happy claiming! πŸ₯‚
A huge thanks goes out to everyone for your overwhelming support for Exomon thus far. Our Discord is becoming livelier by the day, we've surpassed 160,000 followers on Twitter, and we've had more total whitelist requests than we could ever even hope to handle.

As a reward for our community, we'd like to take a moment to thank you all and give you a deeper dive on Exomon. We will be hosting an AMA session on Monday, June 13th at 5pm UTC in the πŸ”₯・fireside-chat channel on our Discord.

What will be said in this AMA session? πŸ€”
Who knows... maybe even some undisclosed details about our upcoming mint? 😜
With that being said, the official Exomon mint event will indeed be happening soon, so make sure you are prepared at a moments notice! This should include:

➑️ DYOR on Exomon (as you should with anything in life - especially crypto). Take a moment to investigate what makes the project special, the members behind the team, and why Exomon should have your attention in general.

➑️ Claim your Whitelist spots. If you've won any events lately, make sure to reach out so we can whitelist your address ASAP. If you don't have any whitelist spots yet, try to participate in some of our final giveaways and events in order to get yourself a guaranteed mint spot come Pre-Sale date.

➑️ Fund your wallets! The mint will happen FAST. Make sure you're prepared to take advantage of the event by having $SOL in your wallets for the Pre-Sale and Public minting events.

Thanks again, and we can't wait to see you all on Monday 🀩
πŸ™Œ Thanks for your amazing on-going support! πŸ™Œ
❀️ We would like to invite you to join our Twitter Space event to discuss and let you know the most recent updates we have on the background.

🌐 Event: Twitter Space
⏰ When: Monday, June 20th at 6pm UTC.

❓ Topic:
πŸ”Ή NFT collecting & gaming ecosystem
πŸ”Ή PlayAndEarn game - Polychain Island 🏝
πŸ”Ή How #Exomon and #Solana play into the bigger picture πŸ“Έ

❀️ In case you missed this event, no need to be sad, since the spaces will be recorded and can be listened to afterwards by anyone that can't join for the live event.
❀️ Thank you!
Attention Collectors,

You can now vote to finalize the exact amount of collector points created by the Exomon collection. Voting starts now and ends on Sunday, June 26th, at 12am UTC since Exomon Mint Day is June 28th.

The collector points that are created by Exomon will come from two sources: (1) the individual rarity points that come with each Exomon, and (2) collector challenge points.

Therefore, we have two topics to vote on:

Vote 1 (Exomon Rarity Points): https://snapshot.org/#/polymon.eth/proposal/0xade47e79096cb95a5e773ce2f6539c7f19a5a6c7711475b6ab798d80dcf36118

Vote 2 (Exomon Collector Challenge Points): https://snapshot.org/#/polymon.eth/proposal/0x8c0388ccfe556cac257225db3b93b0185b773b62a63a9801473f8cb40702971e

This two-vote structure allows the community to choose to minimize/maximize the rarity points and/or the collector challenge points. Both approaches have their benefits, and the team is confident that any outcome from these two votes will allow for the Exomon collection and Solana launch to be a success!