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Notify 13.2.1 BETA
Suggestion: make a backup before install new beta
- Added compact app data (reduce more than 50% app of data usage)
- Alexa voice support for GTR 2E, GTS 2E, Bip U PRO, Zepp Z (beta)
- Added startup theme option to prevent recreating launcher icon when changing app theme color
Notify 13.2.5b
- FIXED Temporarily disabled steps progress bar showed on phone app notification (text cut issue)
- Added workout animated map share GIF (beta, please report issues)
‼️ Mi Band 6 new firmware >= is not supported by current Notify app.
Do not update the firmware until a new Notify app version will be available.
FAQ: Install latest official app version to complete the firmware update and once is done you can downgrade to previous fw version using Notify app (remember to remove official app)

TUTORIAL: How to downgrade the Mi Band 6 firmware to old version
Notify 14.0.1 - Google (beta version)

We are sorry to take some week to get this initial app version, but new fw changes takes lots of work to solve conflicts. We kept focused only on new fw lots of days.
We even missed our vacations :)

- Added support new Mi Band 6 > fw version
WARNING new firmware has some limitations: if also official app is installed these features will not work: vibrations, band settings, smart alarms, button, native reminders, phone calendars events sync, quick reply, clear band notification, weather, watchfaces upload, firmware/resources/font upload, phone screen mirror, google maps picture mode, shower mode, idle alert

Remove the official app to get all features working!
Please remember to follow the correct steps:

If you want to update the firmware ensure first you have the authkey set on Notify app and official app removed to avoid connection issues (see previous link)
You can both upgrade and/or downgrade from old to new version. First install fw then res.

Temporally not working: customize icons, customize workouts menu list, read resources version

- Forced use phone gps provider when running a workout (fix some phone not tracking gps route correctly)
33.2 MB
Hot fix: solved app crash with new fw
Notify 14.1.5

GTR 3 / GTS 3 are NOT supported.
New firmwares prevent other apps to work, we are looking for alternative solutions.

- Added Mi Band 6 NFC global support (NFC cards must be set using official app). Alexa supported
- Fixed Mi Band 6 notifications bug (Bluetooth 4.2 phones)
- Minor bug fix
Notify 14.2.1

- Added new Mi Band 6 firmwares customize icons support
- Button action : QR Code picture upload (Mi Band screen too small COVID QR Code not working)
- Moved Health settings on second main screen
- Added Tasker upload watchface

GTR3 / GTS3 are not working due to firmware protection
An app updated will be available on PlayStore also in few days