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Notify 12.1.3
- New watchfaces gallery
- Added Alexa triggers time filters
- Fixed add sleep manually issue
- Added T-Rex Pro support
- Added Gtr 2 E Sim, Gtr 2 LTE support
27.2 MB
Notify for Amazfit 12.2.3 (minor update)
- Tasker incoming call
- Fixed Tasker realtime steps intent bug
- Fixed watchfaces gallery bug
Notify for Amazfit 12.2.9
- Spo2 and stress data can be synced only when official app is not installed.
Watch delete stress and spo2 data once synced first time, so the first app sync data is the only app be able get this data. If you sync data on official app first, then notify app cannot sync stress/spo2 anymore.
- Spo2 cannot be monitored 24/7 like heart rate. Band manage the spo2 monitoring itself like done for stress data. App cannot force band to track spo2 at specific interval time.
- Spo2 data is NOT available also on Sleep as Android, because spo2 get synced only in the morning (when you sync data from band) while Sleep as Android requires realtime spo2 data
27.2 MB
Notify for Amazfit 12.3.3 [PREVIEW]
- Fixed Spo2 sync loop
- Fixed Stress sync (minor bug)
- Added Zoiper VOIP call

Bip U workout sync -> still fixing
Notify for Amazfit 12.3.6 is out on PlayStore
- Fixed stress/spo2 sync issues
- Improved Bip U support
- Screen mirroring -> requires notify notification enabled on phone now
Notify for Amazfit 12.3.7 (preview version)
- Added initial beep option (GTR2 and GTS2 only). This solve also the screen not turning on when receiving a new notification
27.2 MB
Notify for Amazfit 12.3.9
- Fixed Google fit sleep sync issue
- Added remove watchface from my watchfaces list (long press watchface)
- Added reminder (todo list) Bip U support
Notify 12.4.1 (Beta version)
- Customize notification icons (Mi Band 4 / Mi Band 5 / Amazfit Band 5 only)
Latest firmware version required
Notify 12.4.7 (not released yet)
- New auth key obtaining method (without installing any modded version)
Credits: (website api to obtain the auth key) and (original source code)
Notify 12.5.1 beta
- UI improvements
- Share image to Notify app -> upload to your band/watch
- Fixed edit/add sleep bug
- Fixed heart chart not updating realtime
- Fixed shared workout bug
- Fixed GTR2/GTS2 steps bug

* License cannot be purchased from a beta version, you have to reinstall playstore version first