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10th February 🍷
Remember this date

Yaha se 2021 jaisi Tipping Start karenge.
Tipping & Live Punting karke aapke muh se ye na nikalwa diye ki

This is just Extraordinary...

To mera nam bhi Mystery nahi...

Ek ek din me 2 limit se 4-6-8 limit banayenge sabke samne..

Par isme ek issue h
Mere pass Wicket Not ki ek almost 100% working trick h.
Uska fail hona impossible h
Jo amount laga do wo pass.
Wo tip hum channel pe de nahi paa rahe na kisi screenshot me dikha paa rahe.

Due to many personal issues works etc Tipping me concentrate hi nahi ho pa raha.
Earlier I was 100% involved in this field.
Now I think I am taking it for granted... Even though I am extremely involved in some other important personal work & responsibilities..

5th February tak ka Plan Complete karenge...
Max focus sirf Match Trading pe hoga.
Heat 25p Fav

Sixer 2 limit
Heat 0.50Limit
Half limit use
10p Rate
Sixer 7 limit
Heat 1 limit
25p Rate h

Sixer 3 Limit
Heat 0
Hayden Kerr last Year Challenger me Man of the Match tha 98 Not out bana kar

Aaj Bowling se Man of the Match Banega.
2 Over Bacha h Uska.
Next time aise matches me Favorite Change pe Bookset karwa denge.
Aaj 1.50 limit ban jata 80p Tak Favorite aayi Sixers.
Hum 50p pe 2 limit kal ka hisab barabar karne ke chakkar me
0.50 limit use
SA Khaya 50p pe
India 1 limit
SA 0.50 Limit
0.50 limit again use karo
India 2 limit
SA 1 Limit
India 1 limit
SA 0

100 run bhi nahi banega SA ka
Ek aur Trick Dimag me h
Jaise ki Koi bhi Rate me khaya

To usko aise hi chod dena h
Agar same rate dobara aaya to Exit na aaya to pura 2 limit andar
Jaise is match me.
Ye kuch din bad try karenge
35p pe 1 Limit use
India 4 Limit
SA 1 Limit
3p pe 0.30 limit use