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POW (gpu mining )+masternodes + pos(mobile)
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запущен в тесте пул для мастернод с регистрацией и множеством функций! сейчас готовится инструкция для запуска!
NOT started MATERNODES YET! only tested now!!
to launch the masternode will need 120 thousand coins .... everything will be spelled out in the announcement
For best photo with repost or post twitter about our coin ,will get our coins hydnora.( Link send on discord channel bounty)
NEWS! NEWS! NEWS!nif you can give any help for our project(advertising, design, translate and create posts in China, Japan, Korea, etc) and have a balance of more than 120,000 HORA coin write PM we add you in our VIP discord group! and later will telegram VIP channel
VIP group will first tested Masternodes , and also will update network with new table reward! and Total_supply will low from 90M to 66Ml.
GOOD NEWS! 04.09.2019 started domain MASTERNODES!
Great news! at the start of the run Masternode, none of the coins from the Fund for developers not to run for Masternode! all masternode only for miners and for investors who bought on the exchanges!
https://hora.masterpro.site/ - pool not working from venezuelan! please change pool! https://miningpoolstats.stream/hydnora
pool constantly lied to miners ? wrote on his pool that 1% FEE ! and actually took from 3-10% FEE! the proof is in the discord channel! was not interested in the development of the project and all coins sold are constantly lowering rate!