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Finwings stock trading academy is an educational institute and research centre delivering various courses for learning Stock market Trading and Investment.

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Short term Investment


Stoploss- 39 daily close

Target- 53-56

Duration-2 months

♦️Allocate only 5% of your Capital you want to Invest.
Finwings Stock Trading Academy~ Free Educational Channel
Recommendation: For short term (1-2months)

Accumulate- Tata Power from current levels 247-252

Stoploss- 237 daily close

Targets- 267- 275
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#BANKNIFTY Monthly View (Daily chart)- Why analyze the monthly chart? -- Amid the current Volatility we should look for the broader trend rather than analyzing the day or swing trade technical levels. (This will give you the privilege to be right most of the TIME, also the adjustments in case of losses are EASY while trading the options. That's what I'm doing.