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DAO Launchpad multi-chain, participate without kyc or staked tokens. simple and easy!

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QUBE launch in the books

🏁And that's a wrap! The QUBE token launch on the EverStart launchpad has finished! There was a ton of interest in the token, so much so in fact, the total amount deposited (12,456,470.61 EVER) was nearly 5 times the hard cap (2.45 million EVER).

πŸ’ΈCongratulations to everyone who participated! Now, we are off to work on all the token's promised features. If you have any question about how you will be getting your tokens, head over to Vesting section on the token launch page: https://app.everstart.io/project/1
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Yahoo covers QUBE token launch

Check it out! The recent launch of the QUBE token and subsequent EVER burn has been picked up by Yahoo. The article goes in to the details behind the launch and the burn and what it all means going forward.

πŸ‘‰Give it a read and a share: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/everscale-makes-history-first-team-232900628.html
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SpartaCats Pre-Purr for Glory!

Greetings, young SpartaCat Apprentices! πŸ‘‹

You are here, today, to rise up above the ranks of the mediocre moggy memecoins which have sat idly by and represented our kind with all the ambition of a newly neutered mutt!

I am King Meowidus, and if you choose to follow me, I promise you ascension to the highest known scratching posts of Olympus! 😼

Pre-Purr for Glory!!!

spartacats.com 🐾

Media is too big
😻SpartaCats launches into the Blockchain of Hiss-tory!

We told you to Pre-Purr for Glory, fellow feline aficionados! And now, the time has arrived!🐾

Under the stern guidance of King Meowidus, the SpartaCats πŸ’°$PURR token generation event and all the fervor it brings with it, is here!

πŸ™€With 10% of the total supply of Purr tokens available from 06/05, and a meager hard-cap of just 500.000 EVER, opportunities to join King Meowidus are sparse, but the fruits of your labor shall repay your sacrifices with unbeknownst glory!

😼Curious cats amongst you will be intrigued to dig up the details of the tokenomics of SpataCats, and this is encouraged. King Meowidus has sworn the sacred oaths of SpartaCat honour to be transparent, open-source, and receptive to the voices of his 300.

To get involved with the PURR token launch, and stake your claim in the spils of Sparta, head to EverStart on 06.05.2022, or forever remain in the mud with the mutts!

#SpartaCats #Everstart
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PURR tokensale has started on EverStart.io πŸš€

PURR is the token of the new NFT memcoin SpartaCats project, aimed at attracting users to Everscale. PURR was listed on the EverStart launchpad today.

The minimum amount of funds required to launch the project (Soft Cap) is 300K EVER!

πŸ“† Tokensale ends on May 13, 13:00 (UTC)

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Everstart Launchpad Overview

Dear friends, πŸ‘‹

A launchpad is a platform for getting cryptocurrency startups up and running. They are used for token sales of blockchain startups (initial DEX offerings or IDOs).

With the help of token sales held on launchpads, new and promising blockchain startups attract investments for their further development and launch.πŸ’°

In this article, we’d like to tell you more about our ecosystem’s launchpad – Everstart πŸš€

Read the complete overview in the articleπŸ‘‡

#Everscale #Everstart
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The tokensale of the PURR token on the EverStart.io was finished πŸ₯³

Recall that PURR is the token of the SpartaCats project, launched on the EverStart platform on May 6.

In total, the EVER 555.36K were collected when the Hard Cap was 500K EVER.


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ℹ️ Everstart.io data is now available on snipa.finance

Don't miss out on the projects you supported on the launchpad. Keep an eye on "Deposited", "Vested", "Vesting schedule", and "Total value" stats in your profile.
#START token is on the FlatQube and EVER Wallet White List ⚑️

The EverStart.io launchpad token was added to the FlatQube and EVER Wallet White List. START will allow users to get a guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap on EverStart!

Stay tuned πŸ‘

#exchange #wallet #whitelist
Revoland IDO on EverStart.io πŸ”₯

Revoland is a P2E MOBA Esports game. It is about the combination of personal skills and teamwork, giving users the opportunity to challenge themselves with various game modes.

On the EverStart launchpad there will be token sale 83,333 #REVO

The launchpad starts 18.06, 15:00 (UTC), ends 20.06, 15:00 (UTC).

#ever #everscale #tokensale #revoland
#START token sale on EverStart πŸ”₯

Token sale of the START token starts today on the EverStart launchpad.

START is an EverStart platform token that allows users to receive a guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap.

Token sale includes 160K START tokens, Soft Cap β€” 550K EVER, Hard Cap β€” 650K EVER.

Token sale kicks off at 14:00 (UTC).

#tokensale #everstart #launchpad
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EverStart project tokenomics ⚑️

START is a native EverStart token that allows users to receive guaranteed allocation at the price of Soft Cap. START is a deflationary token.

In our article, you will be able to learn more about why number of START tokens will decrease, as well as about the use of a token.

πŸ”— Link

Enjoy it!

You can get START here before 18.06.2022

#start #everstart #token
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β˜€οΈRevoland IDO on EverStart Begins Tomorrow!β˜€οΈ

πŸ•–Start β€” June 18th β€” 03 PM UTC

⏰End β€” June 20th β€” 03 PM UTC

πŸ’›Total Amount: 83.333 $REVO Tokens

Ready for this? Get in the game! app.everstart.io/project/tip3-ga/101

🎯Finding it hard to keep track of our constant updates? The Medium Calendar is here to help! https://medium.com/@Revolutionland/revoland-calendar-ea8eb891352
The Revoland project launchpad starts in 15 minutes ⚑️

To participate in the guaranteed allocation, you will need EVER Wallet (installation instructions are here). Go to FlatQube, exchange EVER for START, you need 1% of the deposit on EverStart.io. When depositing, do not forget to tick the guaranteed allocation!

πŸ”— EVER/START pair

πŸ”— Use of the START token

Token sale runs until 20.06.22, 15:00 (UTC).

#everstart #exchange #start #post
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#START listing on FlatQube πŸ”₯

Trading in WEVER/START pair has started on FlatQube.io!

Also today the START token sale has finished, the Hard Cap was exceeded by 886.05k EVER. Participants received tokens at the rate of $0.52.

#everstart #listing #exchange #news #post