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Smart contracts 🎓

Smart contract is a digital algorithm, dedicated to form, control or give information about a file.

Smart contracts use mathematical algorithms that allow users to automatically execute a transaction after all the conditions of the "contract" are fulfilled. In other words, if the conditions are not met, the transaction cannot be completed, since the results of the execution of smart contracts are checked by many nodes of the network. And this is a big plus of using such contracts.

The main principle of smart contracts:

• The parties call on a smart contract to make a deal.
• Data is transmitted to the blockchain, where it’s checked and verified.
• All relevant information is placed in a block, which combines all messages, that are relevant to the deal.
• The block takes its place in the blockchain.
• Smart contract is deemed to be satisfied.

In Everscale, all wallets and the implementation of any additional logic as a whole is a smart contract, and the interactions between smart contracts are asynchronous.

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Broxus wants to hear you 🔥

If you have problems working with Broxus products or, on the contrary, you want to talk about the advantages of the ecosystem — leave your feedback here.

Your word will help improve the team work!

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Everscale tokens statistics in 24h

• Growth Leader: LEVER +7.91%
• Fall Leader: QUSA -18.75%
• Random Token: SOON +0.88%
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Features of the FlatQube DEX 🧊

FlatQube is a decentralized AMM-exchange running on the Everscale blockchain, a product of Broxus team.

Main functionality:

• Quick exchange of tokens inside the Everscale network from one asset to another
• Participation in liquidity pools to generate income from trading operations
• Participation in pharming programs with the ability to lock LP tokens to increase income
• The ability to influence the distribution of rewards in farming pools on FlatQube DAO
• In addition, you can create and list your token on FlatQube DEX

💰Current TVL: ~$10 mln

↪️ Current swap fee: ~0.011 EVER

🔗 Find out more about the FlatQube DEX in our article

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About the Ever Name domain service 🖥

Ever Name is a decentralized domain names service based on Everscale. Each domain is an NFT. You can bind your domain to your Everscale address and use the blockchain using short names instead of long addresses.

Ever Name is supported by EVER Wallet, Everspace and Qamon.

Ever Name recently burned 300 000 EVER as the first tranche.

Read Ever Name FAQ 🔗

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Everscale tokens statistics in 24h

• Growth Leader: FRAX +37.85%
• Fall Leader: QUSA -30.77%
• Random Token: EVA +5.81%
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DeVote Technology and Roadmap 🗳

DeVote is a decentralized anonymous voting service running on the Everscale blockchain.

The document “DeVote: Technology and Roadmap” has been published.

The doc is consist of:

• User cases and specifics of commercial and political product positioning
• Key features of the protocol (procedural and technological)
• Data exchange between the voter and the administrator (all data exchange via contracts)
• Comparison of deVote and Polygon zkVote in terms of technology and workflow

🔗 Document direct link

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Everscale yields 📊

WEVER/BRIDGE 3.84% — 11.54% APR
QUBE/WEVER 35.04% — 105.13% APR
WEVER/USDT 8.07% — 24.23% APR
USDT/USDC 9.36% — 28.08% APR
QUBE/BRIDGE 61.78% — 185.36% APR
WBTC/WEVER 15.21% — 45.65% APR
WEVER/DAI 24.62% — 73.88% APR
WBTC/BRIDGE 89.5% — 268.5% APR
WETH/WEVER 17.71% — 53.15% APR
WEVER/USDC 41.12% — 123.37% APR
CWE/USDT 260.99% — 521.98% APR

• Tо 11.82% APR

Boosted Staking
• To 26% APR
• Remaining capacity: 42 430 231 EVER

GOSH Staking
• 8% — 24% APR
• Remaining capacity: 5 886 128 EVER

🔗 Everscale farming guide
🔗 Everscale staking guide

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Everscale tokens statistics in 24h

• Growth Leader: ADA +7.53%
• Fall Leader: FRAX -24.91%
• Random Token: DUSA -3.38%
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Features of the Octus Bridge 🌉

Blockchain bridges (cross-chain bridges) are the apps that allow you to move crypto assets from one blockchain network to another.

Octus Bridge is a multi-network, second-layer solution that connects Everscale, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Milkomeda and Solana blockchains. This is the flagship product of the Broxus team.

Using the bridge interface, which allows to simultaneously connect EVER Wallet and MetaMask wallets, you can quickly transfer assets from a first-layer chain to the Everscale network and back. For example, transactions on the ETH network are quite expensive. You can transfer your asset to the Everscale network and manage it there with minimal transaction fees.

BRIDGE is a governance token. The holders manage solutions on the platform in the DAO format. You can also participate in BRIDGE staking and receive a reward.

Anyone can become a relayer of Octus Bridge. The minimum steak for this is 100,000 BRIDGE tokens.

In September 2022, Octus Bridge became the platform of the month on the Solana website.

🔗 Go to the Octus Bridge user guide

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Who is EverGaming partnering with? 🎮

EverGaming team shared a list of its partners: Everscale, Broxus, cryptocurrency exchange BITMELECH, WarpCapital, GrandBazar, LIFEPAY, Svoi.Dev, Blockchain.com, Click2Money.

If you too want to partner with an ecosystem for eSports and mobile gaming enthusiasts, please contact: contact@evergaming.io 🔗

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Everscale tokens statistics in 24h

• Growth Leader: DUSA +90.46%
• Fall Leader: ADA -2.4%
• Random Token: QUSA +66.67%
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Art installation based on Qamon service 📨

Peti Triot will present the first art installation based on blockchain at the DESIEGO art gallery in Seoul. When creating an art installation, the author uses Qamon technology, a messaging platform operating on the Everscale blockchain.

The Peti Triot art installation is a kind of anonymous messenger where people can leave any message without the possibility of tracking it. This social experiment will reveal the thoughts and opinions of Koreans whose identities will remain completely anonymous.

The installation is now available online, and Ongroo Inc. art content agency will be putting in physical installations in multiple places in Seoul soon. Once a message is sent, it is encrypted and stored on the blockchain. All messages are broadcast in real-time for anyone to see on YouTube, and simultaneously archived on the project’s Twitter.

That Qamon operates on the Everscale network means that it can handle a large volume of transactions, making it suitable for a project that could potentially have to process a high volume of messages.

🔗 Read the original article on Beincrypto

🔗 Go to the online installation

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The EVER rate per day increased from $0.05 to $0.08 🔥

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New proposal on EVER DAO 🗳

A proposal on the distribution of prizes between the winners of the Rust Cup validator contest was made on EVER DAO.

Problem: The Rust Cup contest ended in 2021, but the winners never received their prizes. Currently, decentralization of the network depends on 200 validators, most of whom participate in validation using blocked stakes from the Magister Ludi contest, which expire in early February 2023. After the expiration of the term, decentralization of the network may suffer if the winners of the Rust Cup do not receive the award.

Solution: Distribute stakes blocked for 4 years between the winners of Rust Cup. It is also necessary to implement an incentive program that will last 4 years:

• Stakers to Rust Cup winners’ depools receive 10% APY on staked amounts
• Validators receive 4% APY on all stakes, made to their depools

The vote starts 01.02.23 🔗

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EVER's growth continues 🚀

Now in the EVER rate there is increased volatility, on the KuCoin exchange the price reached $0.28. At the time of publication, 1 EVER = $0.11

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