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80% of the Singaporean population has been fully vaccinated.

Media: Straits Times
NDR 2021: Wrap up of key points on PM Lee's speech:

1) Muslims in the public healthcare sector will be allowed to wear a tundung with their uniform starting November this year.

2) The Workfare Income Supplement will be increased to 1.1 billion, rasing payouts and helping those from 30 instead from 35.

3) Progressive wages will be rolled out to more sectors, with Retail next year.

4) Companies hiring foreign workers, must pay all local employees at least a Local Qualifing Salary of 1.4 thousand. this amount can change in the future.

5) MOM is studying the issue of delivery workers, and their security of their jobs.

Watch his speech again here:

Media: PMO
A new COVID-19 Variant has appeared - the Mu variant. WHO is closely monitoring the situation.

The variant was first identified in Columbia and its mutations that indicate a risk of resistance to vaccines.

It has been found in South America and Europe.


Media: Straits Times
Singapore has reported 216 cases, with a 109 unlinked infections.

Excluding dormitories, this is the highest number of local cases recorded.

Booster shots will be given to seniors above 60 years old, residents of aged care facilities and the immunocompromised starting later this month.


Media: Straits Times
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Singapore has reported 568 COVID-19 cases yesterday, the most since August last year.

A partially vaccinated 80-year-old man has also died of COVID-19 complications, making this the 58th death in Singapore. He had a history of diabetes, heart failure, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.


Media: CNA
Chinatown Complex has been closed for 3 days after a cluster of 66 cases has emerged.

If you have been to the area, you are strongly advised to go for a swab test.

E-News has previously observed that many do not observe safe distancing measures in the area.


Media: Straits Times
Apple has annouced its new line of products this year, at its annual september event.

New items annouced include the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, iPad Mini and the iPad.

All of these devices will be available later this month, and come with the new operating systems annouced earlier this year.

Watch the event and see more about the products: https://apple.co/2YS0z77

Media: Apple
Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has apologised to Leong Mun Wai from PSP for remarks he made in Parliament when commenting to a colleage.

β€œHe’s illiterate… Seriously, how did he get into RI? Must have been a lousy school.”


Media: MCI, Vivian Balakrishnan via Facebook
The Online Citizen website has gone offline, and all its social media accounts have either been deleted or set as private.

This comes before the 3pm deadline set by IMDA.

TOC's class licence was earlier suspended by IMDA due to its repeated failure to declare its funding sources.


Media: TOC via Mothership
Singaporean swimmers Joseph Schooling and Quah Zheng Wen will be enlisted into NS.

Their deferment ended on Aug 31, according to MINDEF.


Media: Edwin Tong via Facebook
Younger people getting inoculated should avoid strenuous physical activity for 2 weeks instead of 1.

18% of local reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after more than 8.5 million doses of mRNA vaccines occurred more than a week after vaccination.


Media: CNA
If you have been exposed to a COVID-19 case and notified by MOH, you can collect antigen rapid test (ART) kits at 100 vending machines across the island.

From Sep 18, individuals who received a warning SMS can scan their IDs to collect a pack of three ART self-test kits at a vending machine and use them for the required tests.

Full list of locations:

Media: MOH
HBL will be carried out for all P1 to P5 from Sep 27 till 6th October.

This is amid a rise in COVID-19 cases. Cases are expected to rise to the thousands in the following days.

HBL for the Primary 1 to 5 students will last until the end of PSLE on Oct 6.

Full story:

Media: TODAYOnline
Singapore has reported 1,009 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, with a new death.

This is the first time cases have been this high since April 2020.

A 90-year-old unvaccinated man who had a history of cancer, heart disease and pneumonia has also died, marking the 60th fatality.


Media: CNA
Pfizer & BioNTech has said their Covid-19 vaccine safe for children aged 5 to 11.

Children can take the vaccine soon if trials go smoothly.

The immune response in the Phase II/III clinical trial matched what was previously observed in 16 to 25 year olds.


Media: Duke Health
What do you do if you test positive for an ART test? Here is a quick guide.

You are encouraged to self test, even if you do not have symtoms. If you do have ARI symptoms, visit a doctor immidately so you can get a PCR test.

Read and save this guide for future reference:

Media: Straits Times
An explosion has occured at an inceration plant in Tuas, resulting in a death and 2 injuries.

Authorities say that the explosion took place in the switchroom where technicians did maintenance work.


Media: Straits Times