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Yes, your tool is one of the best AIO I’ve ever used and trust me I’ve used many :p
It has all the features I need in one place.
Looking forward to more additions to it
Keep up the good work 😄
Easycards is a good working tool , great for beginners in gift card cracking
Forwarded from Freddy Funko
Hey guys @FreddyFunko here from Freddys.IO I have been using Easy Cards for several weeks so far & it is a phenomenal checker especially considering it just recently launched. The phone bot has been a great time saver & I’ve personally gotten hits with North Face, Total Wine, Dickeys BBQ & Orvis! The gift card side is loaded with modules & the gift card checker does cards with pin for popular Mercury sites like Jimmy John’s & Pressed Juicery! The Dev is constantly working on updates, keeping us informed & taking care of us if issues arrive! I highly recommend Easy Cards!
Forwarded from ALPHAGEK
About EasyCards is awesome
Great and Intuitive
Honest price
Good support
I vouch 100%
Forwarded from Deleted Account
Tools working well, the price is beyond reasonable for a tool of this quality. Big vouch for easycards ✅
Forwarded from Magicgifts
Huge vouch for Easy Cards!

Software was simple to setup and get running. Plenty of modules to run and even has a mercury gift captcha bypass!! If you are looking for a solid AIO gift card checker, look no more and sign up for easycards today!
Forwarded from Digital Emporium
Appreciate everything your doing man keep it up.
Forwarded from Digital Emporium
I’ve tried a few other tools before yours and I can confidently say yours is the best for the price.
Big Vouch for EasyCards, works smoothly and nicely! Easy and prompt delivery of tool after the payment! 👍🏼👍🏼 I highly recommend everyone try out this tool if you are looking to start you own GC business. You can easily build you own shop with this tool😝😝