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What medicines help for #COVID_19? Unfortunately, very few. What definitely works is proning and oxygen (when saturation is low), and steroids (Dexamethasone) for moderate to severe disease.

But what about #Remdesivir#Tocilizumab and #ConvalescentPlasma?

#Remdesivir doesn’t help much, and certainly not in all patients; there is probably a small subgroup in which it helps – those requiring oxygen, but not sick enough that they require ventilation. And even here, it doesn’t reduce mortality, probably helps earlier recovery

#Tocilizumab also helps only in very specific subgroups – those sicker than described above, requiring rapidly increasing levels of oxygen or rapidly deteriorating respiratory parameters

My plea here is to please allow your physician to decide when Remdesivir/ Tocilizumab is required – there are very limited situations when they are beneficial & please don’t pressurize them to prescribe it – much of the shortage today is because of unnecessary prescriptions

There is even less evidence to support the use of #ConvalescentPlasma for COVID_19. almost all studies done so far have shown that it is of no benefit. Please don’t waste your time looking for a donor.

In short, these are difficult times, but each of us can do our bit to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large by some simple, but effective measures. Stay safe, folks, and we'll see this through.