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* Useful Alerts *

❇️ * COVID Highlights: *
▪️* Active cases currently comprise only 28.66% of the total positive case *

❇️ * Finance Minister launches Online Dashboard for National Infrastructure Pipeline; to be one stop solution for all stakeholders looking for info on infrastructure projects in India *

❇️ * PM Modi launched week long campaign to free India of garbage till August 15; with the aim to upgrade the standards of #Swachhata *

❇️ * Govt to provide mobile connectivity in 354 villages located in strategic & border areas; provide connectivity in uncovered villages of 68 Aspirational Districts *

❇️ * Locust control operations undertaken in more than 5.22 lakh hectares area in 10 states from 11th April till 8th August *

❇️ * Employees' Provident Fund Organisation ensured hassle-free service delivery through UMANG during COVID-19 pandemic *

❇️ * Loans of about ₹1,20,000 crore have been disbursed to MSMEs out of ₹3 lakh crore announced in the relief package *

❇️ * MHRD: Coding will be taught to students starting from class VI, to make the children future ready #NEP2020 *

❇️ * Take a look at the preventive guidelines for Yoga & Gym Institutes.
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Forwarded from MyGov Newsdesk
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As the COVID-19 cases are rising, we all need to be more responsible that we wear the mask properly and not treat it as a normal accessory! Masks are essential in our fight against Coronavirus. Stay safe! #IndiaFightsCorona
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The CISCE has deferred the ISCA (Class XII) exams at least until the first week of June and will give a choice to ICSE (class X) students to either appear for offline exams or be marked on a criterion decided by the board.
Hi Team hope you all are doing good. CovidFYI will restart, given the apocalypse situation. People are dying for lack of beds, oxygen, medicines and care. Heaps of dead bodies are piling up and india is unprepared.

The lack of information, panic is unparalleled.

This time we would work under a larger organization - Project StepOne, that is directly working with the government and big players. This will save us from spending time on looking for resources.

Interested people can contribute on the basis of their availability and inclination. I understand we all have additional responsibilities..

Urging you all to give it a shot, one more time. Hopefully the last time🙏, for the sake of all the loved ones we lost.

Next steps- DM me if interested.

In case you are working on other projects to help, do share the details as well, such that I could use your help too. In this together. Take care🙏
Pmesh CS

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I know the #COVID-19 numbers in India are not looking good, but here are my (not so) random thoughts on it

We have 2 options – one, rant & rail against the ‘system’ and lament how it has let us down; second, do whatever we can to avoid getting infected & if infected, minimize adverse consequences to ourselves & others. If you belong to the first, you can stop reading now

How can we avoid getting infected? There’s no magic bullet, I’m afraid. This is primarily a “stick to the basics” approach. More difficult than it sounds.

First, maintain all precautions that we know help. These include masks (whenever you are not at home and not alone), physical distancing to the extent possible, and washing hands frequently. The 3 Ws – Wear a mask, Watch your distance, Wash your hands.

Masks work, and are probably the most important precaution given our current understanding that aerosols are the predominant mechanism of spread. The best is a well-fitting N95 mask, which is now widely available & not too expensive – you could re-use them too.

How can you optimally use an N95? Get 5 masks, and rotate their use – this is safe, burns less of a hole in your pocket, and is environment-friendly. The next best option is to use two masks – wear a surgical mask first, and a cloth mask over it for a snugger fit.

How physically distant need you be? The simple answer is “the more the better”. 6 feet preferable, but a minimum of 3 feet. Better still, avoid crowds as much as you can. Meet others only if absolutely necessary – most meetings can be done virtually.

Being outdoors is better than indoors, but while open gardens and parks are low-risk (where permitted by law), avoid large gatherings – whether they be weddings, parties, and yes, election rallies and religious (all religions) gatherings too.

Second, get your vaccine as early as you can. In India now, anyone over the age of 45 is eligible for the vaccine. Getting a vaccine gives you 70-80% chance of avoiding getting infected and 95% chance of serious illness. That’s as good as it can get.

There’s been a lot of noise about which vaccine to take. Anyone who strongly recommends one over the other is talking nonsense. There are no studies so far(& unlikely in the immediate future) to directly compare two vaccines to show which is better. So, take the first one you get

What about side effects of vaccines? We’ve heard of blood clots etc.
Yes, they do occur, but they are extremely rare events, and the benefits of taking a vaccine far outweigh the risks.

What happens if you do get #COVID_19? Yes, you still can get it even in spite of taking all precautions, and yes, even after you’ve taken the vaccine. Remember, none of this is 100% effective – but 70 to 95% effective is a whole lot better than 0%

Make preparations even before you get infected. Buy a thermometer and a pulse oximeter to keep at home. These are two important instruments you need in case you get infected.

First, don’t panic on getting a #COVID_19 positive report – 98% get through without major issues. Isolate yourself from others. You can do this at home if possible.

Chart your temperature using the thermometer, & your oxygen saturation with the pulse oximeter. Check both 2-3 times/day, the latter before & after a brisk 6-min walk. Make sure you drink enough fluids and keep yourself hydrated. Stay positive – you’ll get through this.

When should you be concerned and seek medical help? If your baseline saturation falls under 94% or if your fall in saturation before and after the 6-minute walk is 4% or more. Contact a hospital, and start proning yourself (lie chest down, back up)

What medicines should you take? If your oxygen saturation is fine & you have no symptoms other than fever, all you need is Paracetamol

There is some data that inhaled Budesonide helps you recover faster, but no hard endpoints like reduced mortality
There is no evidence to suggest that anything helps – including Favipiravir/ Ivermectin. Don’t waste your time desperately trying to procure them