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Forwarded from MyGov Corona Newsdesk
Don’t panic if you have tested positive! Follow all the guidelines issued by the Government and take proper medications on time.
Forwarded from MyGov Corona Newsdesk
If you are planning to donate plasma to a COVID positive patient in Delhi, here are the do's and don'ts you should know about! #IndiaFightsCorona #Unite2FightCorona
27+ Covid relief initiatives including LIFE, Women in IIM, Project StepOne, Swasth Foundation, Covid19SOS Glide have formed an alliance. Some of the biggest problems we are working on:

🎯 Pan India unified highly accurate database of ICU, oxygen, medicines, hospitals, ambulance, helplines

🎯 Capacity building & efficient distribution of oxygen to individuals and hospitals

To manage this effort we need people who are:

*Problem solvers* - The 2 problem statements are just the tip of the iceberg, as we peel every layer, new problems emerge and we need problem solvers!

*Action Oriented* - We are trying to do in days what takes months! We needed things done yesterday!

*Structured Thinkers* - Things are chaotic and we need to create processes around it. Let’s put that MBA degree to use! 

*Initators who ensure end to end execution* - This will involve grunt work, you'll get your hands dirty with things as basic as calling up 50 contacts. It has to be done, someone has to do it!

*Great collaborators* - You'll work with all kinds of people across civil society, mass movements, startups founders, and more. You gotta handle them all! 

*Gutsy AF*: We deal with crazy ambiguity, you could be making a pitch for 20+ lakhs to big foundations with a 3 hour notice

*Dedicate 4-6 hours a day on this (at least for the next 3-4 weeks)* For this reason, 2021 grads who are yet to begin their jobs are most preferred. 


Create massive impact! Help navigate the Covid crisis. Save lives.

Work with founders of Urban Ladder, Treebo, Bombay Shaving Company and many more

Bragging rights for the rest of your life!

If this sounds like a good fit, fill up this form as an individual volunteer.