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River Valley High School killing: Teenager pleads guilty to the 2021 axe attack on a student in a “truly unprecedented” case.
Truce in Gaza expires; Israel resumes combat against Hamas and accuses it of violating ceasefire terms.
Teen who killed River Valley High School student sentenced to 16 years in jail over the 2021 axe attack on campus.
Are you using an Apple device? Check if you need to update the OS to secure against loopholes that are actively being exploited:
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INTERACTIVE: COE prices have eased off record highs, but should the system still be updated? We take your questions on the COE system to the experts.
Singapore sees jump in COVID-19 infections with recent doubling of cases
Attention cat owners - you might be able to have up to two cats in your flat if this proposal by Singapore authorities goes through:

Tell your friends: If you’re visiting Malaysia, you’ll have to fill in the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card before entering the country.

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CNA Explains: The roots of the long-running Israel-Palestine conflict before war broke out from the Oct 7 Hamas attack on Israel.
As Singaporeans flock to Malaysia to seek respite from rising costs, are they inflicting the same on JB? What Johoreans say:
Mount Marapi eruption: 11 hikers dead after the volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia, erupted yesterday. 12 climbers are still missing.
Can the land that country clubs occupy be put to better use in Singapore? Read the commentary:
Authorities say they did not detect concerns during weekly sessions with a girl who was sexually assaulted almost every day for three months by a man who wanted to adopt her.
Indonesia is keen to co-host the 2025 U-20 World Cup with Singapore, said President Joko Widodo.
Spotify will lay off around 1,500 employees to bring down costs.
Why do emergency services send patients to a hospital further away when there's one nearby? CNA explains.
Mount Marapi eruption: Indonesia's rescuers race against time to find 12 missing hikers amid further eruptions and poor visibility.

More than 6,000 flats were launched in this month's BTO exercise, including projects in Bishan and Bedok.

Two projects in Bukit Merah and Queenstown are also offered under the Prime Location Housing model.
Why were Thai hostages among the first to be freed by Hamas? A look at the country's special access to the militant group:
Singaporeans travelling to Malaysia not required to fill in digital arrival card